Favorite Posts

Here are a few must reads as we have been on this journey… this is according to me and I am a bit biased since this is my blog! Some of these posts have gained the most comments and have moved me to tears as I wrote them. Tears of Joy, Tears of Sadness or Tears of thankfulness. I hope you enjoy and I hope it helps you know us and our Grady a bit better.

Prenatal Posts

Grady’s Secret

Amnio Decision…

Preparation of my motherly heart

Universal Connection when you add a little extra!

Ultrasound pics @ 38 weeks!

The Arrival

Birth Story

Grady Announcement Video

The First Three Months

My “GPS” never brought me to “Holland”

Don’t say “I’m Sorry”

The Lost Translation

The Strength in the Journey

Building Our Village

Father’s Dream

4-6 months

A Letter from a Father….. Paul… My Husband…

Winning the Lottery at The “YMCA”

How we see “Different”

Feeling Alone & God Wink

6-9 Months

Lost & Found

1 Year After Β Prenatal Diagnosis Post

Rainbow Baby

My Journey of Motherhood Prayer & Pics

Prenatal Diagnosis Video

Mommy’s Redeeming Hour VIDEO

9-12 Months

Fortune Teller

Grady’s Debut Magazine

Pursuing JOY the Antiquated Fear

The BEST playdate EVER

Two Boys, Two Days, One Year, One Voice

This is My Blue Sky

Grady’s Ladies, Valentines Day Post!

12-15 Months

Rockin’ Photo Shoot

Happy Birthday Grady!!

I Carry a Concealed Weapon

Super G

Oh The Places you Take Us


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