The Ski’s

I started this blog  when I was 26 years old soon after finding out our little guy nestled inside me had Down Syndrome! That was when I was 21 weeks pregnant… It wasn’t but a day after learning Grady’s Secret, I read another DS mom’s blog, it was filled with hope and inspiration, it allowed me to get through a few more seconds of the day. Writing down my feelings and experiences is a form of therapy for me as well…We aren’t a perfect family, we are a bit —crazy at times but at the end of the day we have God and each-other.


The early years of this blog were filled with a big focus on Grady and our life with him… I knew it was time to break from blogging upon learning about my third pregnancy. I saw a shift inside of me that led to a 2 year moment of silence. My return to writing comes with a new perspective, and a broader focus than just Down Syndrome… because if I have learned one thing… that it’s the easiest part of this thing called life… the rest of me and our life, that’s a story to be told.
I am a 31 year old Wife, Mamma, Lover of Soul Shine, Collector of Moments and Chaser of Light…  I started my college education out at NC State as a scholarship women’s soccer player and after an untimely injury transferred and completed my education at UNC Wilmington, where I attained my communications studies degree. Shortly after graduation I married my best friend from High School, Paul. We moved from the coast of NC to Charlotte to follow my husbands job offer as a police officer. It wasn’t two months after we got married that we learned we were pregnant! When Mason was 8 months old we returned home to NY. My husband, Paul, is a father, husband, former Marine, and currently working as a Federal Officer.  He is a passionate outdoorsmen, spending his free time fishing with Mason and Grady, hunting or taking long walks in the woods. We have been blessed with the opportunity to have three children here on Earth.. Our  first born son, Mason is 7,  he is vivacious, passionate and an avid outdoorsmen Grady, our second son, happens to have an extra chromosone, T21, and is pure joy & a tad mischeveous…He was born 2/20/10 & finally our little surprise baby… June Faith arrived August 8th, 2012, she is spunky, stubborn and adorable.


4 thoughts on “The Ski’s

  1. Tabitha Heit says:

    Since I am going through the same path as you I was happy to hear you share your story with the public. I am 30 weeks pregnant due Feb 24th with a ds baby boy. I have tons of different emotions, but most of all I am happy to be a mom again and make my son a big brother. I too have a two year old boy. I will continue to read your blog as it is very inspiring.

    • skiingthroughlife says:

      Tabitha, thank you for finding me so I can find you!! We are due the same day, awesome. I have a ton of emotions as well, and although my big picture outlook remains to be filled with hope and purpose, their are somedays where I wash my hair four times in the shower because i keep forgetting if I even washed it once. Mainly because my mind wanders and roams to so many different places. I too cannot wait to make my 2 year old a big brother…. it will be a wonderful day for sure. thanks for following, and I look forward to sharing this time together with you… our boys will be going down the same path…… God Bless

  2. Tinatheo says:

    Hello, I am due on July 24. My husband an I just came back from the doctor. I am 23 weeks and did not do an amniocentesis (we don’t want to risk it), but we did do the sonogram. They told us that all looks OK except that our baby doesn’t show the nasal bone and that it is a sign of DS.

    Even though we told them that this child is God sent and that we will keep it, they still want us to have an amniocentesis to be prepared they said. I asked them if I can become prepared other ways, for this reason they gave me this website. I don’t know what I should be prepared of though.

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