This is My Blue Sky….

Just as a storm ends, no matter the season, the blue sky seems so absolutely indescribably, crisp, bright and stunning as it reveals itself behind the last lingering cloud. Before you know it you have a new found appreciation for the storms passing as your eyes get an unfiltered glimpse of clarity.

We’ve been getting a lot of snow, I mean a lot.
I have been cramped inside these four walls, with way too much time and coffee, a lot of Early Intervention, not enough fresh air, oh and limited adult interaction. My pajamas are about to go on strike because they are being overworked, often pulling double and triple shifts. Mason at one point began bouncing sideways off the couch with a loud forced uncontrollable laughter. Paul has perfected the art of snow shoveling and re-heating my morning joe while I am yearning for green grass and flip flops.

Oh yeah that’s right how could I forget, Grady’s first Annual Reports started rolling in. I am still unsure what storm is more relevant or taunting in my mind, the annual reporting or the nor-easter we recently got hit with. Both had an end result of an increased consumption of food and mindless television (praying about that).  But  like the weatherman’s faulty prediction of this last storm, I was sure Grady was just pulling his therapists finger when they were evaluating him, he was getting ready for his close up after the reports where written.  I was right.

You see,  I was somewhat prepared to hear that Grady is delayed beyond the expected. I first noticed this while in NC when we had our playdate, the other little boys where younger but far more advanced then my Grady.  I took a deep breath and used the experience as justification to increase more services for Grady. I don’t sweat it at all, he is extremely happy and content, healthy and growing like  a weed. I totally understand all children develop differently and God has a mighty plan beyond the weekly emailed milsetones that get deleted out of my inbox every Monday.


Mason and Grady sitting together for the first time… is my BLUE SKY

I cried when I saw this last night, cried like a baby.

It was early morning the other day when I first stopped to appreciate the beauty of the blue sky after the snow. It really made me reflect on my own life and what has been going on here at the Ski house. Grady has shown us a burst of energy, enthusiasm towards toys and unsupported sitting. Oh not to mention clapping too. He wanted to wait till after the annual reports where written to show up the black and white ink. Really that all it is, a bunch of  standardized testing, determining something, based on others not like my Grady. While we are grateful for our free in home therapy and all that your awesome therapists do, we probably could do without wasting trees with all that paperwork jazz.

Grady, you are one of a kind and we love every inch of your body, every noise you make, every smile you Grace us with and every giggle you share.  And when you are ready to show us your new stuff, we are waiting and ready to cheer you on.

Grady you are my BLUE SKY.

working with his PT this past week, Grady suprised as us all by responding to the song "If your happy and you know it...." Goooooo Grady

Grady working with his Speech Therapist, as you can see he most likely just amazed her with his new mad skillz.


Grady and his favorite vibrating Elephant during yesterday's ST session 🙂

Grady's box o' speech tools.. accompanied by some oral stimulation during a ST session.

we love our Speech Therapist!




Keep reaching little man, your getting there 🙂


Paul, how you Love me despite who I am never ceases to amaze me… you too are MY BLUE SKY




……Side note on Simon…we Raised about $600 dollars so far…I think God has more in store for his adoption fund, I am in prayer and thanks as we watch his number raise dollar by dollar.  I can’t imagine how grateful our Father in heaven is as he sees this unfolding. He has a plan for Simon… Even more exciting a National Adoptiong Funding Program heard about our Plight for Simon and gave us some buzz, check it out here : The ABBA Fund Blog. Not to mention others who reposted on facebook and re-blogged. Can I ask you favor, keep re-posting, keep re-blogging for Simon, for his fund and for outreach to his forever family. Let’s make a miracle happen. Even $5 can make a difference………More to come soon!



19 thoughts on “This is My Blue Sky….

  1. Jackie says:

    every time i read your blog..i leave the page smiling. Grady is such an amazing boy!!! GOD bless you…and i will also keep spreading the word on Simon!!!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I love the picture of your boys sitting together. Such a precious moment! I’m so glad you were able to get a photo of it. Grady is such a precious boy. Every time I read your blog, I just want to pick him up and play with him and have him look at me with one of his gorgeous smiles.

  3. Kim says:

    After reading, I understand why David Rupert chose your blog post as one of the best for January at the High Calling network. God bless you and your family! All the Best

  4. Jennifer@GDWJ says:

    I’m always a fan of your work — your stunning photos paired with your words. But this … THIS!

    Oh my, girl.

    And that first photo? Simply grand.

    So, SO, glad to see you featured at The High Calling this month.

  5. laura says:

    Oh, my goodness, Grady is beautiful. I mean–BEAUTIFUL! But you already know that. These photos got me all choked up too. As a mamma of two boys, I remember how special it was to see them engaged in this way when they were small. This is such a beautiful reflection. I’m stopping over from The High Calling today. So glad I did.

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