It’s Here! Grady’s Debut Magazine :)

I’m so excited that the copy of the September issue of the Philippines magazine Baby is here!  I told Grady not to get to full of himself and that he can take autographs after his nap today! It was fun to see my photography in the magazine alongside some pretty cool advertisers. Although the article isn’t exactly how I might word things in reference to Down Syndrome and people first language, I enjoyed sharing this photograph as well as having my Blog Address linked up alongside, perhaps I will get some international followers!!

Below: I wanted to share with everyone Grady’s new therapy Seat, we ordered it special for him to sit in, and so far we have been impressed with the strength he has gained from  using it. We put away the bouncy seat and are trying to push him a little more on a consistent basis, as you can see he doesn’t seem to mind a bit.  The seat can be found at, I totally reccomend it for late bloomers 🙂

Oh, and Grady can sit by himself unsupported by hands or chair for 5 seconds, but I can’t seem to snap a picture of it  yet!!



10 thoughts on “It’s Here! Grady’s Debut Magazine :)

  1. Emy OConnell says:


    Congratulations on having a celebrity in the family. Just try to tie this cowboy down when the girls get a view of him. He already has a huge following, but now, magazine photos that show of his adorability to the max!!!! You’ll have to get an entourage of body guards just to keep them away! Really nice job with the photos, and the onesie is his perfect color to be sure. He sparkles and shines. God bless this little star.

    Love, Emy

  2. Susanna says:

    Cool seat for one cool dude! V. is s’posed to get a foam seat from her PT soon–wonder if that’s what it’ll look like! (She needs to work on sitting, too!)

    Gracy is sitting so nicely–way to go, big boy!

  3. Melissa says:

    Yay for the magazine! I’m sure Grady won’t get a big head from it. 🙂

    I love that foam chair. It looks awesome! And Grady is just as handsome as can be, as always!

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