Rockin’ the Extra C…All Night Long.

A few reasons this post came about, first I have a new 35mm Prime lens for my camera, and I had to try it out on my Grady. Then, while Paul and Mason where getting their hair cut at the mall the other day I wandered into H&M where I found these shoes and shirt, too irresistable. Lastly, we used to Rock Mason out in a Fo-hawk all the time… so I knew it was Grady’s turn.

So there you have it.  Our little Grady man, just 9 days short of his 1st Birthday, Rockin’ his Extra Chromosome……All Year Long! Enjoy the Air Guitar, Laughter and the multitude of expressions G$ has to offer the camera!  Rock on’ little one, Rock on’!









7 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Extra C…All Night Long.

  1. kathy rusch says:

    He is so adorable…makes me miss my grandson, Charlie, and his twin, Julia. I always look forward to your blog updates, especially the pictures.

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