Super G : Photo Post

Have you ever noticed I always post a “light” post after a “heavy” post. I am so predictable.  After experiencing complete vulnerability immediately after publishing an honest or heavy post one of two things usually happens. Either I let it marinate for a week as the only post or the strong urge to take happy photos of my boy usually surfaces. And somehow within my day, I make the time to have fun, yes this is my version of fun. Let it be, or comment 😉

Grady’s delivery Nurse & first friend.. “Nurse” Jodi gave this onesie to us at church last weekend.  We think he looks adorable in it, not sure exactly why but when I look at these photos “superman”  took new meaning.  I actually can’t stand commercialized clothing, but Grady you rocked therapy out today in this high speed gear.

You are my Super G!


Super Grady in Therapy: Yes you still look that SUPER on the pink ball! lol.


12 thoughts on “Super G : Photo Post

  1. jodi says:

    love it…. I love the six pack…. i am printing the one of him with his fingers in his mouth for my fridge. The look on his face is priceless…. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. Michaelann says:

    Grady IS superman and I love the verse you used. Phil 4:13…I can, Grady can, we all can…do the things God has for us to do by His strenght!

  3. tabitha says:

    I love these shots of super grady. One of these picts looks like grady is going to start causing trouble. The one were he is laughing with hand in mouth. He looks like he is thinking of something sneaky. Too cute….

  4. Jennifer says:

    Grady is soooooo cute- I can barely stand it and even though my little guy is sleeping peacefully in his room, I want to run in and hug him now after looking at these! It’s all about the drawn on “abs” on that onsie. (I think I need to research one for Elijah’s upcoming 1st Birthday with a Superhero/Comic theme…)

    …Now I’m off to go kiss a baby….

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