A Father’s Dream… Turkey Hunting!

Turkey Season for the Ski's! Go TEAM SKI!!

I remember getting the prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome and one of the first thoughts that ran through my mind was….will Mason be able to go hunting with Grady? is this idea/dream lost forever? I actually sobbed for an hour over this very single idea…. This is Daddy’s passion and he couldn’t wait to pass it down to his sons…and the more we research the more we find out that this dream is still alive for Paul and his little one with an extra! …. Grady will have every opportunity to join his big brother and daddy in the woods when he is of age (and interested of course)… Check out this link <Trevor’s First Turkey Hunt>Β it is about Trevor, a 22 year old Utah man with Down Syndrome who participated in his first Turkey Hunt after passing his Hunter Safety Course! Here at the Ski house we get pretty darn excited over stories like these…I was also passed along an awesome article about boys with an Extra in Wisconsin earning their hunting licenses and becoming avid hunters as well.. I can’t find it on my computer though!

Mason was a bit grumpy and feeling a bit under the weather, but he can never say NO walking with dad looking for turkeys!!

coming back from the turkey walk!

the lone turkey hunter

Today was the first time we put our Grady in Mossy Oak Camo… it was like a right of passage here in the Ski house. I took a moment looking at him in it ( I will admit it was a bit surreal, my Grady is here now) I thought to myself …gee this all feels so right and so good…We set no limits on what he can do or achieve…I have to admit I am his biggest fan!

A turkey hunter in the making!


4 thoughts on “A Father’s Dream… Turkey Hunting!

  1. Melissa says:

    Love the camo! We don’t do much hunting (except for prairie dogs and coyotes), but I know exactly what you mean about wanting our kids to be a part of everything we love to do. And there is no reason they can’t be!

  2. Sheena says:

    Aren’t our baby boys just precious in there Camo!
    && You guys all look so cute in camo! It’s funny the more and more I read your blog and get to know your family the more I realize just how much we have in common! How awesome! Jarrod is a HUGE Hunter as well. We almost regularly put Hunter in camo and it is something that bring a huge smile to my face, not because he is just cute in it but I love to see Jarrod’s face light up when he sees his son in it!
    I sure do hope that I get to meet you guys when you come to town! =D
    Rejoicing with you!

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