Grady’s Ladies : Will you be Mine?

I believe in Love.

I believe that LOVE connects us together in a way we far too often forget.  The desire to Love and be Loved is the one thing that UNIFIES the world and shatters societal barriers. No matter your nationality, your race, your abilities or disabilities we all want it. We all have something inside of us that yearns to feel accepted, and that is just a bi-product of Love. I wish the world, looked at other’s like that more. Looked through the eyes of LOVE.

I believe in a mighty GOD, who Loves in a Mighty way. A love unfathomable to myself as a mother…as seen in John 3 :16 : For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. I believe he Loved Grady into being when he knitted him in my womb (Psalm 139). I truly believe in his Love.  Because of his Love for me and in me, I am able to see the Gift of Down Syndrome ever so clearly. This is LOVE.

I believe in Arranged Marriages Love… I hope that Grady finds Love someday like the couples seen in the video links (on the bottom of the post).  So for Valentines Day ….Grady mustered up the courage to Ask some of his favorite extra special ladies to be his Valentine. It wasn’t an easy task to choose just ONE at such a young age, so he thought it harmless to ask them ALL!

Grady gave all of his ladies nicknames…. he sits on my lap at the computer all the time smiling at their beautiful faces, I have became wonderful friends with their mothers and we all have shared in the joy of what the Lord has blessed us with.

Lovely Laura- (A Year and a few Months Old)

Grady tries not to play favorites, but he sure does love his California girl, Laura. Grady thinks she is just fabulous and has already asked Laura to the Junior Prom. Laura is a little fighter at such a young age, she has conquered open heart surgery and now has a heart full of LOVE.

You can follow the sweetest letters from a big sister to a little sister on Ashley’s Blog. Ashley is a passionate 18 year old, Lover of Jesus, Advocate for Orphans and devoted sister to little Laura. I wish their where more young girls like her in this world, she is one of a kind and her blog is near and dear to my heart. check them out and follow their story at …..Dear Laura, Love Sissy BLOG

Dear Abby- (1 year in 2 weeks)

I could look at her face for hours, she is adorable! Abby is a Michigan Girl and the youngest of three born. I connected with Abby’s mom online… Abby’s Mamma has a heart for the Lord and is a beautiful mother. I am pretty sure she would make an awesome mother-in-law for Grady someday 🙂

Claire Bear (1 year)

I can see Grady and Claire hugging for days? Oh yes in the foothills of Colorado where Claire lives. What  A Picture that will be.  If you check out her Blog you will see her in the barn with her daddy with the cow’s or chasing around her mommy in the kitchen. This is a lady after Grady’s heart for sure.

I was one of the first people to comment on Claire’s mom (Melissa) Blog over a year ago, I waited with anticipation when she was pregnant and rejoiced with her when she was born all the while I waited for Grady to be born.  I can’t wait to meet this family someday , make sure to check them out at …..MOOS CROSSING BLOG

Precious Lily (1 year)

Yes, Grady has also asked Lily to the prom as well. He is full prepared to handle the backlash from the Lovely Laura but thinks he can manage his favorite west coast ladies.

We first met Lily through her God Fearing Mommy’s blog... A PERFECT LILY. Lily comes from a very big family of 10 in the state of Oregon, where she is their precious flower. Her face has launched HUGE fundraisers and she has been the inspiration to her mother Patti to advocate like their is no tomorrow, for children with Down Syndrome and Orphans.  You don’t want to miss this blog, Patti is changing the world, one Orphan at a time…. all thanks to their beautiful, and precious Lily.

I Love Lucy- (Almost a year in May)

Grady loves this little girl, how could you not? Grady thinks those cheeks are just edible, and he is overly honored to have her as one of his Valentines.

Lucy has stolen our hearts for months and months before she was even born. I love this little girl as if she was my own, I prayed for this little girl when she was still in her mommy’s womb and dropped to my knees for her so many times while she went through Open Heart Surgery, she has us scared for a while… but she is doing so well now. She is a Fighter, but most of all she is a lover and Healer. She has a little brother in heaven born before her, named Landon.  She is a rainbow baby and she is Joy. I hope to one day give Renee (her mommy) a big hug and have our children play together.

Lucy’s Caring Bridge Page

Princess Abbie (Turning 1 in May)

Abbie is beauty, she is dainty and all that is girl. She is Grady’s youngest Valentine and one of the sweetest. We have been following Abbie since she was first born, and what a beautiful journey it has been. Her mamma is a passionate advocate as well and is currently running an iPad give-away to help rescue, Elizabeth.. Grady is luck to have Abby as one of his Ladies.

RESCUE ELIZABETH, Give-away and fundraiser

and Abbie’s family blog… SOUNDS LIKE LIFE TO ME BLOG

Amazing Grace (Almost a Year, in just two short weeks)

When we say AMAZING, we aren’t kidding, this little girl is full of smiles and love all day long. This little Texan is full of BIG LOVE, I think that is why Grady thought of her this Valentines day. She reminds me of Grady so much, just by her photos. Just from getting to know her mamma I can tell that we would be such good friends. Grady and Grace may just get married someday, you just never know. (wink, wink, arranged marriages)

You can read her story on Grace’s Blog : BUSY LITTLE FAMILY, where her mom Felicia documents special moments, her feelings all the while advocating for her beautiful daughter.


Josh & Bernadette’s Wedding Videos: A MUST SEE. Grab your tissues, it will make your heart melt.

Monica & David’s Love Story Video: A Must See too!

Until then….He is all MINE!


26 thoughts on “Grady’s Ladies : Will you be Mine?

  1. Patti says:

    Sweetest post EVER, Erin- thank you for including Lily! She ate the first paper with “yes” on it..crumpled the next one..just wait til she gets her hands on Grady, she will devour him as well!! 😉
    Happy Valentines Day- we love you!!

  2. Cole says:

    Oh now that’s just precious and a great introduction to more of our lil friends! I had no idea there were so many more Abby’s out there! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Shauna says:

    Soooo sweet! He is adorable. Reagan was a bit disappointed that wasn’t included, but I explained that she is still just a little young for Grady and she contented herself with smiling at the pictures 🙂

  4. Ruth Sweetman says:

    You are so creative and talented and bring out the best in everyone you come in contact with. Grady is just precious and I love how your love and pride shine through every photo.

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