Winning the Lottery at the YMCA

Me and the Man

I walked into the front door of the Local YMCA with complete apprehension. I just never know how we might be welcomed, will the lady who gives the tour not know what to say? will she notice? …I so wanted to get back into working out, as it has been years now since I felt remotely like that athlete I once was. Being a SAHM of two kids, I don’t get out much anymore and when I do it never has anything to do me getting back into shape.  My pants are screaming  “help meeeeeeee”  as I type and my belly band is tired and overworked.

The Y sounds like a place that might be accepting of my Grady ( I totally thought of the song YMCA as I entered the doors, inclusion right?)..anyways I thought that by chance might  this organization may have some decent experience with Down Syndrome. So onward I went with two kids in tow… our first stop on the tour was to the Childcare. Now mind you, I am so ridiculously overprotective, so the thought of childcare is all so new to me (outside of Grace).

Grady was tucked away into my carrier, his beautiful almond eyes fast asleep as we began the tour. Then just like that the child care door swung open and BAM (THANK YOU GOD) I saw a little girl with Down Syndrome playing. My heart flooded with Joy and excitement. You would have thought I just won the lottery… well my heart did.  The woman who gave me the tour was still talking but all I heard was the little girl laughing and playing. I was staring and I knew I was… but for one of the last reasons my tour guide would expect.  Her tour description became white noise (sorry) and I interrupted her and asked where the cute little girl’s mother was then BAM (THANK YOU GOD) my tour-guide pointed out her mother was the one working in the childcare!

I asked if we could be introduced because we have something in common….((ooooo (a potential IRL friend)). We made our way towards the mom and I leaned my infant carrier forward and exposed my little Grady’s beautiful face to her and asked if she would meet my son. She looked at him then looked at me and then we Hugged. Instananeous bond.  Her daughter Susie is beautiful, she is 8 years old and even held my Grady. She gave him a kiss on the cheek.  ->where’s my camera now Huh?

I feel like I am always playing the lottery without intentionality . At 25 years of age my chances for a child with Down Syndrome was 1 in 1400. My heart won the Lottery on February 20th 2010.

Population of  United States : 308 million +, Population of NYS :19.6 million and only 400,00 individuals with Down Syndrome in the entire United States. So the odds that the one day I go to the local Y with apprehension to get a membership and I meet little Susie, all I can say is: My heart won the lottery again and God is soooo Good.

Of course, I joined the Y and even jotted down Susie’s mom’s hours. I think we will start going when she is working for a while… He will be in good hands.


14 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery at the YMCA

  1. Tara says:

    Awesome! I had the same feeling when we were at the park, yesterday. There was a little boy (with red hair!) with Ds sliding down the big slide. I watched to see who his mom was and immediately approached her. We connected right away. 🙂 So fun!

  2. aprilnarretto says:

    I love running into moms with kids with ds…I always feel comfortable and start up some type of conversation with them…what the heck we have a lot in common more than many of my friends and I 🙂 Sounds like a great place…JACK POT!!WOO HOO

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m crying again. Man, you are just doing a number on me tonight! I’m so happy you have found so many people IRL to help you along on your journey. While I love all my online friends so much, I’m still looking for that in person connection.

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