Life is Hard.

Life. is. Hard.

I thought I would take a moment to bring you this profound thought to start my blogging year of 2012. I know this rudimentary idea seems obvious to many or maybe not. It has taken me about 27 or so years to actually come to terms with this. As the words slipped out of my mouth on the phone yesterday with a dear friend a light bulb went off.

The absence from my blog is a culmination of many things, events and thoughts and none of them have anything to do with Down Syndrome. Many life events I wish I could share but cannot. But what I have realized while I endure this  particular season of my life is that Life is Hard {yes I said it again}…BUT… Down Syndrome is Easy

 and God is Good.

No really, sometimes I wish people would just realize that my Grady’s diagnosis is one of the easiest and most beautiful aspects of this life.  I’m not painting an unrealistic picture or throwing fairy dust at your screen…What I am saying is that when Life gets tough,  I take one look into Grady’s eyes and he brings me back “home” again. His jovial laughter puts santa to shame.

God has shown me Easy, to help me through the Tough.. .

“Don’t let your eyes get used to darkness
The light is coming soon
Don’t let your heart get used to sadness
Put your hope in what is true

No matter how the wind may blow
It cannot shake the sun
Lay your sorrows on the ground
It’s time to come back home

When the future seems uncertain
Like the coming of a storm
Your loving Father carries his children
When they can’t walk anymore”
– JJ Heller




{A Plea} 

**It’s taken me months to post this, but something keeps showing up everywhere around our house…it has been a simple little reminder to share this story, reflection and experience.

There we were at our local fair, I was guzzling my root beer float and kettle corn, debating wether to get those awesome feathers put into my hair while Mason was becoming enthralled by the enticing invitations from the carnival workers. Grady checked out all the animals with a mesmerized look, while Paul and his Gyro bonded. It was one of those all american days with my all american family. Somebody get me a picket fence and make it white, now… please?

We stumbled upon a big white tent with pictures of children with Down Syndrome plastered all over the inside. Of course we ventured inside to see what was going on, yes what was going on?….. We entered like we already had the Grand Prize…one of those proud mommy moments where I was like “Hey look what we have!”

Seemingly unaware, we had just stepped inside the tent of “Pro-Life”. Here we go folks, strap yourself into your chairs because I am about to be brutally honest for the Glory of God and him Alone.

Have you ever gone to a haunted house around halloween… did you like it? or did you run? I can honestly say my personal comparison between the big white tent at the local fair and my experiences at haunted houses somehow faired eerily similar. I don’t like Haunted houses, I run…I learned that at an early stage in life.  As my relationship in Christ continues to grow and flourish, and as I take time to listen to what he is telling me…he is surely revealing to my child like heart that it’s also ok to Run from the big White Tent.  He is leading me to not just Run but to Share.

As we pushed our stroller and kids inside, we started looking at the brochures and pretty quickly realized where we were. A gentlemen approached us and welcomed us.  I’m not sure how the conversation got there but we shared with him that Grady had Down Syndrome, and he started talking. He continued to tell us {with an obvious underlying discontent/hate} how the Planned Parenthood group was two tents down. Follwing that he gave me an incredibly horrible impersonation of his friend’s adult child with down sydrome. His jagged hand movements and voice change tried to mimmick an adult with a disability. It made me sick. Blech. I started to get a bitter taste in my mouth.

I thought to myself, hold it together Erin, show Grace. Jerimiah 29:11 popped in my head after the gentlemen said God has a plan. He was dumbfounded by this never before heard scripture but then quickly changed the subject back to his “Pro-Life” rant….While our conversation lingered on, I stayed like a bottlenecker on the highway…..his words became white noise and somewhat blurred.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mason “Fishing” with a little pole for something I couldn’t quite make out. I saw his big smile and let him continue. A few minutes later… I glanced over again at mason and this time saw him diving in the baby pool and pulling up about 20 baby fetuses. The look of horror in my eyes was unexplainable. ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Mason called out with the biggest clueless smile “Can I keep them mommy?”

{insert twighlight zone music}

The Spirit within me is haunted by the baby Fetus’s. One happened to make it home in Mason’s pocket. Ironically the name attached to him was “Christian”.  Irony.

Let me get to the real root of the issue…

Staunchly proclaiming you are Pro-Life, Pitching a big White Tent, plastering your car with bumper stickers won’t get your foot in the door in heaven, nor will it earn you a big pat on the back from the Big Guy upstairs. Quite possibly it may not even save a life. Nope.  I will tell you what it will do, it will exclude someone, it will push someone away, it will confuse someone and very possibly subliminally come off as passing judgment.  When your Strong position overpowers your ability to listen and love, you may have just lost a battle.  As the hands and feet of God you may have just lost the chance to do as Jesus did and extend the Love of Christ, unconditionally. Your bumper sticker isn’t going to save a life, it may get you a key scratch or at best yet a conversation/debate started where if your extremely lucky you may get a point across. But most of these battle lines are drawn in black, not grey.

The Love of Christ, his Word and his plan is as pure white as the whitest snow, it is the ONLY way to turn black battle lines into Grey… and hopefully eventually into the truth. flawless white.

{And the words of the LORD are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times. -Psalm 12:6}

It’s so important to stand for something…. and when you stand for Jesus everything else falls into place as it should. As Christians we must be aware/vigil to the fact that we don’t know everyone’s situation, where they have been, what is going on at home behind closed doors… so before you start damming people to hell or speaking louder than your ability to listen…. Why don’t you love on them, humble yourself,  show Grace and help shine the truth the way Jesus would…. A much better way to save a life or {two}.

I’ll scratch the Pro-Life title, and take Pro-Jesus because with that comes pro-life but also forgiveness and love.

I think I’ll avoid Big White Tents that allow fishing for plastic babies from now on.

We are left with our tiny plastic fetus/baby  “Christian” as our friendly reminder to Pray.

House Warming {Gift}

We spent our first night back in the new house.

This morning we woke up to our first snowfall here. It took my breathe away.

If I am am being honest with you the last two months of my life have been incredibly challenging. I have been distant from my friends, busy, scrambled and my heart has been in a state of unrest while my mind was spinning.

I don’t believe material things bring value to life, but a place to call home brings peace. No doubt. And a home that holds every sweet childhood memory of mine well that is just beautiful.

These images show my heart at rest.


I snuck outside with my camera and boots to take a stroll down to the lake before breakfast… I built my {header} above.  Captured the a few shots of the beginning of winter and well took a deep breath.  Thanked God. Prayed. Thanked God. Prayed some More.

“….But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” {Joshua 24:15}

Oh yes…my childhood swings covered with snow, you can see where they were painted red from when I was young and repainted blue by the last owner. This spring I will stencil Grady and Mason’s name on them as me and my sister’s name was stenciled on many years ago.

Back Inside… I grabbed just a few shots of Grady…. Mason was somewhere exploring in the back of the house!  They are both adjusting well…. 🙂

Thinking of the perfect house warming gift?

Sweet Simon is waiting for his Christmas Warrior Fund to be filled. Help us reach our goal of $1,000 by christmas.  So far $290 has been raised for him towards his Christmas goal. It would be the perfect house warming gift for us. Because in all honesty he is the only thing missing in this house…so it would warm our hearts to help his fund!


{more pics and updates tomorrow}

Developmentally speaking : CHOP & Aqua Therapy

There I was at the edge of my seat.

This is exactly what I thought it would feel like to be at my kids first soccer game, anxious, nervous, eager… leaning side to side as if I was encouraging his own movement. I held my breathe a few times watching his little fingers pick up the smallest block and place it in a jar.


Ok, Grady didn’t join the local soccer program, not yet at least…But after a very long waiting list we finally got into CHOP’s Down Syndrome Clinic for an overall evaluation. We made the few hour drive because I have really wanted to see how Grady is doing, what we could be doing better and to be a part of the program as he grows older.

He was evaluated by an OT, ST, and PT and also saw the head Ped Dr. of the program.  I watched his tiny face squinch up and concentrate while they were giving him tasks to do. My face squinched up with him.

And even when he sometimes failed to do what they asked of him, or when he didn’t show skills perhaps he should already have…he would look up through all his frustration and gave that look of pure contentment. That is where I was able to sit back and do my own little evaluation.

Overall…we gained some great insight into Grady’s development and so glad we went.

Physically they were pretty happy… they recommended “Sure Steps” to support his ankles and feet while standing.  A few suggestions was letting him crawl over couch cushions or in my case mounds of clean {dirty} laundry to challenge him a bit. Also to purchase a shopping cart, fill it with heavy objects and let him try to push it around.

Concerns: Grady isn’t really “talking” much nor is he babbling or carrying on like he should. This could be early signs of speech apraxia. But we are far from making that diagnosis. In the mean time we are going to start signing more {buy signing time videos},  we are going to be making a familiar household objects, toys and people book…. they encouraged us to purchase an iPad as it has some great apps for children with special needs to encourage back and forth play as well as the book “It takes two to talk” by Elaine Weitzman.

{they also recommend organized and clean playing spaces, I promise to address this as soon as we aren’t living out of boxes between houses, till then….}

This week we started Aqua Therapy for Grady. He will get this service through Orange County Early Intervention once a week in addition to his 3 PT, 3 ST and 2 OT and 2 Special education therapy sessions a week.

WE ARE SOOOOOO GRATEFUL for NY State Early Intervention. The CHOP Down Syndrome program was so impressed with the help/assistance we are getting… it made me so proud to be a NY’er and feel so supported. They were floored that we would be getting aqua therapy and also that Grady was getting fitted for a TRIP TRAP Chair {this will help support him while eating and playing in therapy}

Here are some highlights from his first Aqua therapy session:


1.) I’m glad to be back blogging!

2.) TODAY we received the Air Quality Test back and found out that our new HOUSE IS CURED! The renovations and remediation worked and we are clear to move back home. We are waiting for paint and floors to be put in and we are moving back home in two weeks! PICTURES SOON! {promise}

3.) and btw did you read THIS?

Going to leave you with this till the next post: Sums it all up:

You Stir Me Child.

Sometimes I find it hard to come up with the words….

I am a talker with a communications degree to prove it… I am a writer with a blog to prove it and I am an artist with photographs upon photographs to prove it…

but you Child Stir me into silence & prayer. Within that silence I am stirring for ways to make your life better, to help you, to save you…

I want to find the perfect words to help write your story… I want them to reach people, I want them to be stirred deep inside like you stir me. I can’t stand to think I post your photo and story online and it be ignored or looked over.

Is it your motherless situation that stirs me? or your photo on the internet? or is it God within me…. I have prayed over those questions to know this…

You Child are NOT forgotten….  It must be God who did this within me, because it wasn’t my plan to wake up every morning and check your page… It wasn’t my plan to have my eyes opened to the Orphan crisis…. as God’s hands and feet he directs my path.

As days go on…that path keeps pointing to you.

You stir me so much that I hold back tears right now typing this very post.

You are alone. You are most likely in a crib alone right now alone. You don’t know what the love of a mother is. You are an Orphan. You don’t know what it’s like to have a mommy hold you, sing to you, rub lotion over your little legs and play peek-a-boo. You don’t have a daddy to cuddle you to sleep. You STIR me… into prayer.

Don’t look away from me, they are screaming…Don’t look away.

Today you Stir me into writing again… because WE love you…  We are also your Christmas Warriors for Reece’s Rainbow. This means we are raising funds towards your adoption this Christmas Season. Our goal is $1000 before Christmas Day, but we believe more than that will come to you by then… with the help of God’s Hands and Feet.

Would you consider sponsoring Simon with a donation… pray for him, let God stir within you to help this little one out… ?

{Simon was born just a day before our Grady, he has down syndrome and he is an orphan in Russia… }


Read more about Angel Tree Donations and how you can get a Ornament with Simon’s Photo on it HERE !!

Reflecting on A passage from Deuteronomy where it is told that God Hovers over us and {Simon} like an Eagle over his nest…. While this comforts me knowing Simon’s Father in Heaven is watching out for him… He needs us, he needs us NOW.  I feel like Mamma Eagle here… trying to catch Simon before he falls into the abyss of the Oprhan world forever…. are you with me?

“He found him in a desert land,
and in the howling waste of the wilderness;
he encircled him, he cared for him,
he kept him as the apple of his eye.
Like an eagle that stirs up its nest,
that flutters over its young,
spreading out its wings, catching them,
bearing them on its pinions,
the LORD alone guided him,
no foreign god was with him.” Deuteronomy 32:10-12

It would make Grady super happy if you helped his Buddy out this christmas!

Give me Your eyes for just one second
Give me Your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me Your love for humanity
Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me Your eyes so I can see

“Give me your eyes” – Brandon Heath

The day my blog went cold. {Mega Update}

It wouldn’t be that I have run out of things to say, it is quite the opposite… I have too much to talk about all at the same time that I somehow lost the ability to properly sort my thoughts out and write them down.  Maybe it’s because the scope of happenings in my life far exceed my own understanding at this point and until clarity finds its way into my head…. my blog has gone cold.

You see Grady’s surgery had me in a tizzy I am not going to lie, it was happening right before a few huge events in our life… So as I mentally had to prepare myself for that new experience I was also bracing myself for my business to catapult into full time work, closing on our first home, the 2nd Annual NYC Buddy Walk, not to mention 10 therapy sessions a week and a mountain of other obligations I have managed to make for myself. And behind all of that you see are other issues, you know ones I can’t blog about but deeply shape and effect my life in many ways….  This my friend is what we call system overload.  I cannot do it all, I need to stop trying.  I need to let some people down as hard as that is, my family needs to come first. Obligations can wait, my prayer life cannot. In that same sense my time with the Lord has been limited and my heart yearns for reconnection, time and peace with Him. Our moments together have been stolen and far to infrequent and way too short.  Without blogging my words started to get jumbled in the cobwebs and I figured the blog world keeps moving on without my posts, so perhaps now is the time to throw in the towel.

But I’m not ready to do that just yet…..GREATER Things are Yet to Come. {repeat in mind before sleep}

I figured I would recap this last month, it’s going to be a doozy post so hang in there my friends…If I can get through this post perhaps I will start writing again… re-connecting to my peeps worldwide. Keep following along as I try explain the real deal.

Grady’s Surgery:

This was a complete success, while the recovery at home was a bit rough as his little throat healed from the tubes being pushed down there… he bounced back just fine. All of his procedures went smoothly and the results were good. His ABR hearing test came back perfectly and no fluid was found on his ears so they didn’t put tubes in. Whew.

{side note: I could have gone without actually seeing him go under, they brought me into the OR without a warning about what I was about to see…}

Before going under!

20 minutes after and he was breast-fed and back to smiling.

Closing of Our First Home:

Just  few Short days after his surgery, we announced to our family and friends that we closed on my childhood home/ dream home.

Do you remember me posting this a few months back? READ HERE

You see following that post I had NO clue what would happen next, quite frankly I thought nothing of it… did you read where I said if God would find a way well it would happen, well that is exactly what did happen…. with the thought of growing our family heavy on our hearts we knew we needed a bigger home. I sent the owner the video I made Posted in the link above. After that a series of amazing things happened for us {Praise be to God} to be able to buy that home. Hopefully someday we can share the rest of that story but for now we are sharing this news.

Our dream of expanding our family, teaching children/adults with down syndrome to fish, a place to have friends over for fellowship, a peaceful place to reconnect and finally settling down was really happening…

{This is THE LETTER that I stuck in the wall of my bedroom when I left the house 17 years ago, the owner kept it and returned it to me after we closed…}

{Greater things are yet to come}

A few Shots from my camera phone of the new pad!

Buddy Walk:

Just two days after closing we ventured into NYC for the Buddy Walk!

The highlights {Hopefully a video to come in the near future}

With the amazing help of Team Ski Members we raised just under $4K towards the National Down Syndrome Society! WOW

Grady’s Photo was selected to be flashed in Times Square video Contest along with many of his other buddies, it was an amazing experience for us as a family.

With over 40 people coming together Team Ski had an amazing presence in Times Square, rocking out our awesome shirts for an amazing reason.  We had many new faces and many returning, all together it’s hard to express our thanks for how grateful we are.

Grady got to meet Monica and David…Monica really took to him it was a lovely sight to see and just stole my heart {this was a highlight for me}

My Beautiful Boys Looking over NYC's Time Square for the NDSS Buddy Walk Video

Moving In to New Home:

The day after the buddy walk we started moving into our new place! We started painting and after just two days of moving we even started sleeping there too! It was so nostalgic to see my kids running around the same place that held my most precious memories. While the previous owner made some huge changes to the place, it still felt like home.

It was hard to focus on upacking because of all the fishing that had to be done.

hanging on the hammock by the lake the day we closed on the house 🙂

Moving out of New Home:

It wasn’t just two days after we moved into our new home that we had to move out. GASP. right? This my friends would also explain my lack of blogging. We were devestated to find something wrong with the home that made it unlivable for us and ecspecially Grady. BIG Things needed to be fixed immediatley.

Luckily we were only sleeping in the home for a few short days.

I can’t disclose much due to privacy issues, but know that God has sent and continues to send people in our path to help us make it right. Help has poured in from people and we feel blessed. God knows the mighty plan for this house and our family… as he has revealed it to us a few times over the last year, we are trusting HIM to bring us back home again.

I on the other hand have been a Mess. If you think I have been wishywashy lately you are right, if you have talked to me noticed my mind wandering somewhere else you are right. If I havent been the good friend you deserve…. you are right. We moved back into our apartment with our mattresses and bins and resumed therapy for Grady.

We hope by next month at some point we will be back again. I will keep you updated, if you will keep our situation in your prayers.

Grady’s Milestone Marathon:

He is pointing to our nose when asked.

He waves “Hi and Bye.”

He does a sound for a coyote.

Grady continues to amaze us with some wonderful progress through it all.. here is a video from two night ago when at 20 months he decides to eat the Puffs!! I was so excited!!!

Click on the link to see him go for it!! ITS AWESOME!

<object width=”400″ height=”266″ ><param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true” /><param name=”movie” value=”; /></object>

Where my Job has Taken me:

I haven’t taken many pictures of my own family mainly because I have been busy taking beautiful photos of all my clients. My business has been blessed this fall… It has helped us in so many ways. I just love what I do!

I have been everywhere from Brooklyn, to a Yacht around Manhattan, all over the Hudson Valley… its exciting stuff!

You can see my happenings here!! {my facebook business page that is updated daily…}


I am just holding it together my friends, feeling abundantly blessed and abundantly overwhelmed. Thank you for not forgetting about us and also for those of you who have reached out in concern.  We are grateful for our Team Ski’ers as well… for making 2011 a great year!


The question really isn’t where have I been but where are we going?

Life is about to go full speed ahead with some exciting things happening in our lives, announcements, blessings, excitement and nostalgia. Blogging has taken a back seat for the first time in a year and half these last few weeks as we are preparing… I willl make the first announcement of many over the next few months this upcoming thursday… and yes, I have so many photos and post in the works 🙂

I thought I would blog tonight really quick to tell you about 7am tomorrow. Grady is having an endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and ear tubes and ABR hearing test done under anesthesia down at Colombia. I know, I know.. I have heard it all day, he will be fine.millions of kids have done it, its harder for mom…. But really, let me just be honest… it just sinks my soul to think of his beautiful precious little body unable to move or respond…He is my tiny joy who makes me come alive everyday…. so all I can really do is pray…. mainly that his body takes to anesthesia just perfectly, all test results come back good and tomorrow afternoon we can just. exhale. give thanks. and get to the exciting stuff up ahead.

All I can do is Pray. 7am.

NEWS & Updates:

Please help us reach our goal over the weekend, by donating to TEAM SKI 2011 NYC NDSS Buddy Walk! Your support really does make a difference in this world and we are ever so grateful. We are way behind from last year’s fundraising efforts, partly because I am so darn busy. DONATE HERE. 

Grady got his first Haircut! We called it getting rid of the  “Nolte”  {look at the bottom middle photo to see a “nolte”}

MY very handsome men :

Brace Yourself : TEAM SKI 2011

In less than 30 days, “Team Ski” will take to NYC for the NDSS Buddy Walk, much like last year the event will be an opportunity to unite in numbers… to show our respect for the more than 400K people in the United States with Down Syndrome and of course our little man G$.

This year before the walk  Grady’s photo was selected to be shown in a slideshow overlooking Times Square! {so excited}

Still this year is different, very different….

I will put it to you in this current relatable way. Hurricane Irene was set to make landfall on a predicted day and time in NYC. So the people began preparing, the Emergency teams began evacuating the elderly and sick from hospitals, NYPD amped up their man power along with NYFD… Social Media and News Channels saturated our computers with warnings, information, routes and such. People in NY came together for each other, to protect each other, lend a hand and unite. While some evacuated, some stayed to weather the storm.

But we where Bracing for the Hit.

Yes in less that 30 days, Team Ski will reunite for the Buddy Walk…but lingering in the near future, just months away from making Landfall here in the United States is the Early Prenatal Blood Test to detect Down Syndrome.

Like a Hurricane, it will come and destroy. Now some will weather the storm of a prenatal diagnosis, the shock and awe will wear off and eventually they will live to tell the story with their child by their side. But it’s the causalities we are trying to prevent right? That is what the hustle and bustle is about, preventing death and destruction?

Sitting in the eye of this anticipated storm is our Grady and the community of his buddies, and those who will never make it …

This past year has been amazing…hands down. The gift of Down Syndrome has opened doors left and right for our family. God has blessed our socks off by putting this little dude in our family. The new friends who have come into our life have forever changed how we view the word “friend”.  So we are excited to see what happens in the next 27 days before the Buddy Walk…


First, We LOVE each other unconditionally just as Jesus did….Representing and being a part of “Team Ski” is about Love & acceptance. Bottom Line.

We prepare by making this Buddy Walk an opportunity to SHOUT OUT to the world that you love someone with Down Syndrome…

We prepare by making awareness through acceptance and respect of all individuals with Down Syndrome…Eliminating the Word “Retarded” or “Retard”  from our vocabulary is a great way to advocate 🙂

We will prepare like we just did for the hurricane…we share information with others through social media outlets ... Share Share Share....

FUNDRAISE, help reach our Goal!! Every Dollar Counts!! {click the link}

JOIN THE TEAM and WALK WITH US!! September 24th, 2011!! {click the link}

It’s a Blast !! {Last Year’s Video HERE} {click the link}

The Buddy Walk is a CELEBRATION of life, and a celebration of our Grady Wayne. Every dollar raised goes towards support, advocacy, programs, research and awareness of Down Syndrome.

“Team Ski” comes together because we are our brother’s keeper. 

Huddled around Grady at the eye of that Storm will be TEAM SKI

every person who donates or walks becomes a partner…

Will you walk with us? Will you Donate?


What Binds us Together: Happy 150 days

My friend who I had lost touch with over the years… the one who devoured the sale racks at H&M with me in high school, who spent a long weekend in Cape May with me living up those summer nights … I was her wingman in soccer and she was mine. We shared a lot during the good ole days, but time and distance played its part on our friendhsip and years passed.

Here we were years later, ten to be exact…in the same town. One day Paul heard of my long lost friend’s unborn child’s heart defect, my heart dropped. I remember leaping out of the shower not even rinsed off…to scour facebook for her profile to message her and reach out. It seemed like the years that had passed us were erased, I wanted to reach out. I so very cared. I felt like I had been there before. I wanted to know if she was ok.  Details started pouring in, my heart ached for her aches … I’ll admit it… I wondered at one point… would her baby have Down Syndrome?

Bethany is a son of a Preacher Man, she is strong believer in Christ along with her husband, Eric. You should read their family’s story and Baby Livia’s Story here. I have to tell you it’s their story to tell, not mine. So you must click the link and then continue on this post. It is an incredible story of Hope, Faith and well …the Miracle of God. Click the link and read about Baby Livia.

Everyone knew Livia would have Trisomy 18 when we took Bethany’s maternity photos, everyone knew that it would be a miracle to see her born. It was a faithful, prayerful silence an unspoken anticipation. So when I captured this photo above, I choked up. I’m not going to lie, it is one of the most powerful photos I have ever had the honor of taking. Eric Adores Bethany and even more he is madly in love with his baby girl…before he ever met her, he was going to be her biggest fan and her protector.

Moving forward, we started meeting for coffee, we started making up for years that had passed, we took maternity photos {she was by far one of the most stunning pregnant woman I have ever captured}, Paul and I prayed for them, our small group prayed for them…all the while I realized how much I needed her friendship as much as I wanted to be there for her. Her fears were many of my own….I never wanted our get together’s to end. My deepest insecurities were so similar to hers. We were wingmen again but this time it was far more deeper than the simple days of beating our rival in soccer…it could come across as very serious these days when is essence to me it was beautiful.  It is beautiful. We are bonded by an extra chromosome. Livia’s on the 18th and Grady’s on the 21st.

Just the way God Planned.


But HE who has the Perfect plan carries us all if we LET him.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Last week, Livia came to our house for her first visit to meet Grady….At one point they were making noises to each other a bit, and then Grady waved to her. I choked up big time, it was by far one of the sweetest moments. Beth and I looked at eachother, it was a moment of Joy. Moments we hang on to, counting our blessings. I adore that little girl, but Grady took very fondly to her… she definitely has an admirer.

Here are a few playdate photos…


Bethany is one of the most beautiful mother’s I have ever witnessed. Livia is so comfortable in her arms, it’s natural to see them together. It is one of the most beautiful sites to see.

I am blessed to be her friend.

Happy 150 days Sweet Livia. You are Loved. We Love You!

To read more about Trisomy 18 click HERE

A Laughable Moment :)

This scene played out something like this in Rhoade Island a few weeks ago when good friends of ours invited us to crash their family vacation for a few days… Not sure they knew what they were in for 😉

Mason: (while tugging at my shirt as I am taking a photo of the scenery) “Mom, I need to go Pee”

Me: “Ok, ok, give me one second we will find you a bathroom” (I continue to walk forward take photos, while leaving Paul to deal with the potty problem behind me)

I finish taking the photo above and wanted see where everyone else was…with my finger still on my camera I turned…

Me: (Insert slow motion voice and tone) “Nooooooooooooooooo”

On a very busy street, in a very public way, Mason took mother nature into his own hands… Someone forgot to tell Mason we weren’t in upstate NY in our backyard anymore. Notice the men in the background, they too had no clue what was happening.

Yes. I will now accept the Mother of the Year award. Yes, instead of interupting his happy peeing moment, I took a photo.

We Laughed for a while after this incident. This is what happens when you take the Ski’s on vacation with you 😉

His face was covered with a deviant smile the whole rest of the evening 🙂