I’m still here. barely.2016-08-01_0001barely the person I once was when I last posted.

I won’t define that all here, that’s too much to deconstruct.

I have to start writing this out before I combust, so I’m coming back to my old home here…a sacred space that once gave my thoughts motion and a resting place simultaneously . I thought about a brand new blog as I fear the new words that hold my current state will contrast from the old. No, I’m going to embrace it… because if honesty in a journey is a goal, I’ll embrace all the chapters and perhaps this time fill in the brutal blanks left out of the earlier years.  I’ve perfected making things shine, we called it “blueberry pancakes” growing up, but I’m here now ready to burn the white flag.

barely floating.

till next post.. ❤ – erin