Hold The Phone, I am back! :)


I had to step away.  I wrote that last post almost two years ago… and just felt a tug at my heart that it was time.  I couldn’t even touch this blog. It was years of sharing and pouring out my heart and I was done.  It was in a moment of reflection that I realized I was doing a disservice to myself by only sharing a small part of my life. It created some very odd series of events around me & some people I was associating with only seemed to understand one side of my life. (well that was my fault). The result was the relationships around me were strained & lacking substance (perhaps superficial) and the second I let some in on a little more of my life, I saw the distance creep in and relationships wore out…. I felt as if I was holding back a whole different part of my world from everyone around me.

The question is, and remains to be… how much should be shared here in order to be authentic. Because Authenticity is in my opinion vital to not only relationships but also in the ability to connect to another person whole heartily.

As my business grew over the last two years into a full time gig, and my family grew from 2 kids to 3 (that was a huge leap for me btw)… life just got WOW busy.. the thought of blogging again seemed impossible… until recently…. I realized, I missed writing. So much. I missed digging deep. My faith, while steadfast, always benefited from the process of sharing and connecting.  I quite my personal facebook three days ago (that’s a whole different post), and already the freedom from that, is allowing to write again. I am back. No promised on how often, but I am back.

thanks for those who might still be here, and for those who are to come, welcome.

I’ve stayed pretty active over on Instagram … here are a few fav’s from 2014 so far! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Hold The Phone, I am back! :)

  1. jodi Scott says:

    I’m still here….Don’t be afraid to be you!!! I love the real you and so do many others…Don’t be afraid to share the Truth!! The truth shall set you free!!!!! If friends, especially family are convicted from the truth that is their convictions not yours…Let them work that out their own way in their own (probably God’s) time. So happy your back to blogging…If it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t be where I am today..I may not be where I want to be …:( but I am a new creation in Christ…Living a life I am proud of!!!! GO get um tiger!!!

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