{A Plea} 

**It’s taken me months to post this, but something keeps showing up everywhere around our house…it has been a simple little reminder to share this story, reflection and experience.

There we were at our local fair, I was guzzling my root beer float and kettle corn, debating wether to get those awesome feathers put into my hair while Mason was becoming enthralled by the enticing invitations from the carnival workers. Grady checked out all the animals with a mesmerized look, while Paul and his Gyro bonded. It was one of those all american days with my all american family. Somebody get me a picket fence and make it white, now… please?

We stumbled upon a big white tent with pictures of children with Down Syndrome plastered all over the inside. Of course we ventured inside to see what was going on, yes what was going on?….. We entered like we already had the Grand Prize…one of those proud mommy moments where I was like “Hey look what we have!”

Seemingly unaware, we had just stepped inside the tent of “Pro-Life”. Here we go folks, strap yourself into your chairs because I am about to be brutally honest for the Glory of God and him Alone.

Have you ever gone to a haunted house around halloween… did you like it? or did you run? I can honestly say my personal comparison between the big white tent at the local fair and my experiences at haunted houses somehow faired eerily similar. I don’t like Haunted houses, I run…I learned that at an early stage in life.  As my relationship in Christ continues to grow and flourish, and as I take time to listen to what he is telling me…he is surely revealing to my child like heart that it’s also ok to Run from the big White Tent.  He is leading me to not just Run but to Share.

As we pushed our stroller and kids inside, we started looking at the brochures and pretty quickly realized where we were. A gentlemen approached us and welcomed us.  I’m not sure how the conversation got there but we shared with him that Grady had Down Syndrome, and he started talking. He continued to tell us {with an obvious underlying discontent/hate} how the Planned Parenthood group was two tents down. Follwing that he gave me an incredibly horrible impersonation of his friend’s adult child with down sydrome. His jagged hand movements and voice change tried to mimmick an adult with a disability. It made me sick. Blech. I started to get a bitter taste in my mouth.

I thought to myself, hold it together Erin, show Grace. Jerimiah 29:11 popped in my head after the gentlemen said God has a plan. He was dumbfounded by this never before heard scripture but then quickly changed the subject back to his “Pro-Life” rant….While our conversation lingered on, I stayed like a bottlenecker on the highway…..his words became white noise and somewhat blurred.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mason “Fishing” with a little pole for something I couldn’t quite make out. I saw his big smile and let him continue. A few minutes later… I glanced over again at mason and this time saw him diving in the baby pool and pulling up about 20 baby fetuses. The look of horror in my eyes was unexplainable. ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Mason called out with the biggest clueless smile “Can I keep them mommy?”

{insert twighlight zone music}

The Spirit within me is haunted by the baby Fetus’s. One happened to make it home in Mason’s pocket. Ironically the name attached to him was “Christian”.  Irony.

Let me get to the real root of the issue…

Staunchly proclaiming you are Pro-Life, Pitching a big White Tent, plastering your car with bumper stickers won’t get your foot in the door in heaven, nor will it earn you a big pat on the back from the Big Guy upstairs. Quite possibly it may not even save a life. Nope.  I will tell you what it will do, it will exclude someone, it will push someone away, it will confuse someone and very possibly subliminally come off as passing judgment.  When your Strong position overpowers your ability to listen and love, you may have just lost a battle.  As the hands and feet of God you may have just lost the chance to do as Jesus did and extend the Love of Christ, unconditionally. Your bumper sticker isn’t going to save a life, it may get you a key scratch or at best yet a conversation/debate started where if your extremely lucky you may get a point across. But most of these battle lines are drawn in black, not grey.

The Love of Christ, his Word and his plan is as pure white as the whitest snow, it is the ONLY way to turn black battle lines into Grey… and hopefully eventually into the truth. flawless white.

{And the words of the LORD are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times. -Psalm 12:6}

It’s so important to stand for something…. and when you stand for Jesus everything else falls into place as it should. As Christians we must be aware/vigil to the fact that we don’t know everyone’s situation, where they have been, what is going on at home behind closed doors… so before you start damming people to hell or speaking louder than your ability to listen…. Why don’t you love on them, humble yourself,  show Grace and help shine the truth the way Jesus would…. A much better way to save a life or {two}.

I’ll scratch the Pro-Life title, and take Pro-Jesus because with that comes pro-life but also forgiveness and love.

I think I’ll avoid Big White Tents that allow fishing for plastic babies from now on.

We are left with our tiny plastic fetus/baby  “Christian” as our friendly reminder to Pray.


3 thoughts on “BIG WHITE TENT : Run…

  1. kate says:

    So glad you decided to share this story. Fascinating how people desire to do good, but with misguided hearts and only “do good” as the plum line clumsiness ensues. I find that doing anything minus Jesus means I’m relying on my own strength and will most certainly flub it up. I love your point that if we are pro-Jesus we get to be pro-life and also extend mercy, grace, and love. Who knows what seeds you planted with “twilight” man in the big white tent? Who knows if God won’t still use that man to help save lives despite his ignorance and lack of compassion? Prayer is powerful and effective. Love you, love your heart!

  2. B08 says:

    Sad story, what can you do to enlighten this group next time–besides instinctually running which seems fitting but next time!??! Sounds like a big of a propaganda show using our communities pics…

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