The day my blog went cold. {Mega Update}

It wouldn’t be that I have run out of things to say, it is quite the opposite… I have too much to talk about all at the same time that I somehow lost the ability to properly sort my thoughts out and write them down.  Maybe it’s because the scope of happenings in my life far exceed my own understanding at this point and until clarity finds its way into my head…. my blog has gone cold.

You see Grady’s surgery had me in a tizzy I am not going to lie, it was happening right before a few huge events in our life… So as I mentally had to prepare myself for that new experience I was also bracing myself for my business to catapult into full time work, closing on our first home, the 2nd Annual NYC Buddy Walk, not to mention 10 therapy sessions a week and a mountain of other obligations I have managed to make for myself. And behind all of that you see are other issues, you know ones I can’t blog about but deeply shape and effect my life in many ways….  This my friend is what we call system overload.  I cannot do it all, I need to stop trying.  I need to let some people down as hard as that is, my family needs to come first. Obligations can wait, my prayer life cannot. In that same sense my time with the Lord has been limited and my heart yearns for reconnection, time and peace with Him. Our moments together have been stolen and far to infrequent and way too short.  Without blogging my words started to get jumbled in the cobwebs and I figured the blog world keeps moving on without my posts, so perhaps now is the time to throw in the towel.

But I’m not ready to do that just yet…..GREATER Things are Yet to Come. {repeat in mind before sleep}

I figured I would recap this last month, it’s going to be a doozy post so hang in there my friends…If I can get through this post perhaps I will start writing again… re-connecting to my peeps worldwide. Keep following along as I try explain the real deal.

Grady’s Surgery:

This was a complete success, while the recovery at home was a bit rough as his little throat healed from the tubes being pushed down there… he bounced back just fine. All of his procedures went smoothly and the results were good. His ABR hearing test came back perfectly and no fluid was found on his ears so they didn’t put tubes in. Whew.

{side note: I could have gone without actually seeing him go under, they brought me into the OR without a warning about what I was about to see…}

Before going under!

20 minutes after and he was breast-fed and back to smiling.

Closing of Our First Home:

Just  few Short days after his surgery, we announced to our family and friends that we closed on my childhood home/ dream home.

Do you remember me posting this a few months back? READ HERE

You see following that post I had NO clue what would happen next, quite frankly I thought nothing of it… did you read where I said if God would find a way well it would happen, well that is exactly what did happen…. with the thought of growing our family heavy on our hearts we knew we needed a bigger home. I sent the owner the video I made Posted in the link above. After that a series of amazing things happened for us {Praise be to God} to be able to buy that home. Hopefully someday we can share the rest of that story but for now we are sharing this news.

Our dream of expanding our family, teaching children/adults with down syndrome to fish, a place to have friends over for fellowship, a peaceful place to reconnect and finally settling down was really happening…

{This is THE LETTER that I stuck in the wall of my bedroom when I left the house 17 years ago, the owner kept it and returned it to me after we closed…}

{Greater things are yet to come}

A few Shots from my camera phone of the new pad!

Buddy Walk:

Just two days after closing we ventured into NYC for the Buddy Walk!

The highlights {Hopefully a video to come in the near future}

With the amazing help of Team Ski Members we raised just under $4K towards the National Down Syndrome Society! WOW

Grady’s Photo was selected to be flashed in Times Square video Contest along with many of his other buddies, it was an amazing experience for us as a family.

With over 40 people coming together Team Ski had an amazing presence in Times Square, rocking out our awesome shirts for an amazing reason.  We had many new faces and many returning, all together it’s hard to express our thanks for how grateful we are.

Grady got to meet Monica and David…Monica really took to him it was a lovely sight to see and just stole my heart {this was a highlight for me}

My Beautiful Boys Looking over NYC's Time Square for the NDSS Buddy Walk Video

Moving In to New Home:

The day after the buddy walk we started moving into our new place! We started painting and after just two days of moving we even started sleeping there too! It was so nostalgic to see my kids running around the same place that held my most precious memories. While the previous owner made some huge changes to the place, it still felt like home.

It was hard to focus on upacking because of all the fishing that had to be done.

hanging on the hammock by the lake the day we closed on the house 🙂

Moving out of New Home:

It wasn’t just two days after we moved into our new home that we had to move out. GASP. right? This my friends would also explain my lack of blogging. We were devestated to find something wrong with the home that made it unlivable for us and ecspecially Grady. BIG Things needed to be fixed immediatley.

Luckily we were only sleeping in the home for a few short days.

I can’t disclose much due to privacy issues, but know that God has sent and continues to send people in our path to help us make it right. Help has poured in from people and we feel blessed. God knows the mighty plan for this house and our family… as he has revealed it to us a few times over the last year, we are trusting HIM to bring us back home again.

I on the other hand have been a Mess. If you think I have been wishywashy lately you are right, if you have talked to me noticed my mind wandering somewhere else you are right. If I havent been the good friend you deserve…. you are right. We moved back into our apartment with our mattresses and bins and resumed therapy for Grady.

We hope by next month at some point we will be back again. I will keep you updated, if you will keep our situation in your prayers.

Grady’s Milestone Marathon:

He is pointing to our nose when asked.

He waves “Hi and Bye.”

He does a sound for a coyote.

Grady continues to amaze us with some wonderful progress through it all.. here is a video from two night ago when at 20 months he decides to eat the Puffs!! I was so excited!!!

Click on the link to see him go for it!! ITS AWESOME!

<object width=”400″ height=”266″ ><param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true” /><param name=”movie” value=”; /></object>

Where my Job has Taken me:

I haven’t taken many pictures of my own family mainly because I have been busy taking beautiful photos of all my clients. My business has been blessed this fall… It has helped us in so many ways. I just love what I do!

I have been everywhere from Brooklyn, to a Yacht around Manhattan, all over the Hudson Valley… its exciting stuff!

You can see my happenings here!! {my facebook business page that is updated daily…}


I am just holding it together my friends, feeling abundantly blessed and abundantly overwhelmed. Thank you for not forgetting about us and also for those of you who have reached out in concern.  We are grateful for our Team Ski’ers as well… for making 2011 a great year!


14 thoughts on “The day my blog went cold. {Mega Update}

  1. Lindsey says:

    “Faith isn’t about size– It’s about stepping out in the direction of my dreams regardless of the consequences. Jesus said that if I had faith the size of a mustard seed, I could move mountains. Jesus meant that faith doesn’t come in small, medium, or large sizes. It’s either present or absent. If it’s absent, my life is full of limitations, and I go nowhere. If it’s present, I can move mountains….Faith isn’t magic. Rather, it’s the practical method by which I make my dreams happen. When I am willing to do whatever it takes, when I am willing to take the next step, when I am willing to take the risk and accept the consequences, then I have all the faith I need to make my dreams come true.”

    You’re an inspiration to so many 🙂
    Thank you !

  2. amwphoto says:

    What an amazing and fruitful life you have been given. I always chant to myself, “grateful for the abundance, grateful for the abundance”, when I am feeling these seasons come on as well. You are a kind, soulful woman and I know you have touched so many lives. ♥

  3. Pat says:

    Erin, my friend, your life is so full, so rich with blessings and abundance. Please remember to keep first things first.
    Please dont confuse the sacred words, “I can do all things ….” With “Erin, WILL do ALL things……”You have so much to share, but remember that there is a limit. I know that you know this, because you wrote it. Just remember to take care of first things first.
    Now go do something you LOVE to do, like laundry! 🙂
    We will always be praying for all of you, but now we’ll also be praying about the house situation.
    Sending love and prayers ❤

  4. NikkiB says:

    I’ve never commented before, but wanted to say “It is good to hear from you”! I found your blog from Patti Rice (I’m IRL friends w/ her) and just LOVE your photography and beautiful boys! I was glad to hear that the surgery went well for your sweet Grady! Was worried that was why you were MIA…glad to hear there is such more exciting news! Congrats and best wishes on all the move. (I’m in the same crazy process…) 🙂 ~Nikki

  5. Jennifer says:

    My heart dropped a little upon hearing the news of having to move out of your new house. So sorry that a wrench has been thrown into the mix! I will be praying for you all that the situation is resolved, and quickly! One day, I hope to bring my boys to your coast and maybe partake in that dream of teaching kids with Down syndrome to fish. 🙂 I am so glad Grady’s surgery went well and to hear about all of his new milestones- I do hope that one day Elijah and Grady can meet and play together. Sending you a ((hug)) as you focus on your family, but was happy for the (mostly amazing) updates!

  6. Tricia says:

    It’s great to read of your faith and trust in God through all of this. That is the only way I get through difficult circumstances. Praise God for your successful business! I hope you can get back into your house soon.

  7. Susanna says:

    Thank you for taking time to update, Erin! It is great to see you and your family again, and know that God is up to something big in your life! It will be good, because He is good!

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