Brace Yourself : TEAM SKI 2011

In less than 30 days, “Team Ski” will take to NYC for the NDSS Buddy Walk, much like last year the event will be an opportunity to unite in numbers… to show our respect for the more than 400K people in the United States with Down Syndrome and of course our little man G$.

This year before the walk  Grady’s photo was selected to be shown in a slideshow overlooking Times Square! {so excited}

Still this year is different, very different….

I will put it to you in this current relatable way. Hurricane Irene was set to make landfall on a predicted day and time in NYC. So the people began preparing, the Emergency teams began evacuating the elderly and sick from hospitals, NYPD amped up their man power along with NYFD… Social Media and News Channels saturated our computers with warnings, information, routes and such. People in NY came together for each other, to protect each other, lend a hand and unite. While some evacuated, some stayed to weather the storm.

But we where Bracing for the Hit.

Yes in less that 30 days, Team Ski will reunite for the Buddy Walk…but lingering in the near future, just months away from making Landfall here in the United States is the Early Prenatal Blood Test to detect Down Syndrome.

Like a Hurricane, it will come and destroy. Now some will weather the storm of a prenatal diagnosis, the shock and awe will wear off and eventually they will live to tell the story with their child by their side. But it’s the causalities we are trying to prevent right? That is what the hustle and bustle is about, preventing death and destruction?

Sitting in the eye of this anticipated storm is our Grady and the community of his buddies, and those who will never make it …

This past year has been amazing…hands down. The gift of Down Syndrome has opened doors left and right for our family. God has blessed our socks off by putting this little dude in our family. The new friends who have come into our life have forever changed how we view the word “friend”.  So we are excited to see what happens in the next 27 days before the Buddy Walk…


First, We LOVE each other unconditionally just as Jesus did….Representing and being a part of “Team Ski” is about Love & acceptance. Bottom Line.

We prepare by making this Buddy Walk an opportunity to SHOUT OUT to the world that you love someone with Down Syndrome…

We prepare by making awareness through acceptance and respect of all individuals with Down Syndrome…Eliminating the Word “Retarded” or “Retard”  from our vocabulary is a great way to advocate 🙂

We will prepare like we just did for the hurricane…we share information with others through social media outlets ... Share Share Share....

FUNDRAISE, help reach our Goal!! Every Dollar Counts!! {click the link}

JOIN THE TEAM and WALK WITH US!! September 24th, 2011!! {click the link}

It’s a Blast !! {Last Year’s Video HERE} {click the link}

The Buddy Walk is a CELEBRATION of life, and a celebration of our Grady Wayne. Every dollar raised goes towards support, advocacy, programs, research and awareness of Down Syndrome.

“Team Ski” comes together because we are our brother’s keeper. 

Huddled around Grady at the eye of that Storm will be TEAM SKI

every person who donates or walks becomes a partner…

Will you walk with us? Will you Donate?



7 thoughts on “Brace Yourself : TEAM SKI 2011

  1. cgraybosch18 says:

    Ok so you know I would totally join your team but instead we will be walking with you with “Team Nathan”! So excited to see you in NYC on the 24th. With those pictures and that beautiful message I’m sure you’ll raise lots of money and awareness for Down syndrome. Keep up the good work and give Grady a high-five from his friend, Nathan 🙂

  2. MaryBeth says:

    You have a wonderful blog, and it’s filled with beautiful photos! It’s a joy to visit and very inspirational. We too will be walking in the NYC Buddy Walk this year again with our special angel Samantha, along with family and friends and our amazing community of Down Syndrome supporters. It’s always a great day.

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