5 days later. {7,200 minutes}

The call came in early last thursday morning. Grady’s blood test results from previous day’s routine endo visit showed that he was dehydrated, enough to be admitted to the hospital. In a frenzy we packed up our things, dropped Mason off at a friends and off we went to Colombia. There he would be monitored for his reflux, juiced up on liquids and put on the new medication with the possiblitiy of moving up his endoscopy procedure. While I had solved his reflux by giving him sturdy solids a few days before, I never had time to figure out how to keep his liquids down before being admitted.

I do believe all things happen for a reason and as the temperatures rose to well above 100 degrees in NY this past week, I felt like an IV was a safe bet for our little one. Mind you, this was both Paul and I’s first experience with a child in the hospital. No matter the reason, it rattles you a bit, makes you dig a bit deeper and well let’s be honest, challenges you on a whole different level. It must have been 24 hours into our stay that surely I had already failed to show Grace upon numerous people who we had come in contact with. My convicton meter as always was in full check, but my mouth and nerves were in full effect. Oy.

Grady smiled through every needle and IV. He made friends with every nurse, Dr and Resident through his big blue eyes and easy going demeanor… and for the first time I could learn a thing or two from my 17 month old little boy. Grady’s greatest concern was that I was by his side. Sigh.

While I never thought I would ever have a child in the hospital for something such as dehydration, I have to believe I was being prepared for something greater. Not to elude to future hospitalizations for Grady…. but yes both preparation and experience for something. It’s like God wanted me to put that notch on my belt. It took some time at the hospital to see how things work, the “ins and outs” of patient advocacy and resident swatting but by day five I think I got. {for the most Part}

After trading the comforts of country living for the big city for a few days, {not exactley the dream NYC apartment I always dreamed of as a teenager} the song from RENT ran through my mind a few million times. Perhaps it was the view from our room, the brick buildings and fire escapes that lined the walls, the energy that could be felt even from behind the window glass as if at any moment people where going to jump out and start singing to me. Ok, ok, cabin fever hit just a bit.

Along with that hallucination…came deep reflections into Grady’s existence in my life, the journey we are on and just how I can’t understand how anyone could measure a life by one extra chromosome alone. Meaning the fear of extra hospitalizations or dr appt’s {that can come with a diagnosis of down syndrome} can and does tip one towards the dark side of life, meaning not choosing life at all for their unborn. I would take a million days in that hospital room, for just one day with Grady. He is an incredible little man who has so much to teach the world and me.

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure – Measure A Year?
In Daylights – In Sunsets
In Midnights – In Cups Of Coffee
In Inches – In Miles
In Laughter – In Strife

In – Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure
A Year In The Life?

How About Love?

{Seasons of Love, RENT, Original Soundtrack}

I also wouldn’t trade the moment Mason and Grady saw eachother for the first time in three days for the world. PRICELESS.

Grady gained 2 pds back in the last week and we really could tell a difference in his body, he also looks awesome hydrated…go figure? We did put him on Reglan in the hospital, while it was against my best wishes it does seem to keep his fluids down for now. We are closely watching for the side effects that is associated with this medication, but we feel it beat the potential feeding tube that was looming in our future if he didn’t get this under control.  We will wait to scope till next month when it can be done with his ear tube and ABR hearing test. Tomorrow we go for a follow up with our regular Pediatrician.  All in all, Grady is doing GREAT! and he didn’t spit up at all today! Praise God.

**Super grateful … that it was just dehydration …… for the quiet moments that I had to pray in the hospital….for my parents and friends who helped with Mason….my husband who drove all the way back down the first day to bring me clean clothes and a tooth brush.. and for everyone on the fb who kept me entertained and encouraged.

Grateful for our new friends Emily  and her mom Alice and Dad Mack who visited us three times, it keeps getting better as we get to know this awesome family.

Super grateful for measuring life in LOVE….and a Savior who LOVES us more than we can comprehend. Life is GOOD. 




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7 thoughts on “5 days later. {7,200 minutes}

  1. Paul says:

    Erin I have never posted anything on here before but after reading this tonight I cannot help myself! Absolutley my favorite of your posts on here!!! The pictures, melt my heart! I am so grateful that you are my wife/best friend and our boys!!! I wouldn’t trade our life for anything! GOD IS AWESOME!!!

  2. Aunt Jess says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reference to RENT!! So fitting! As always, great pictures. Life should always be measured in LOVE! I love you guys XOX

  3. Shauna says:

    Hospitalization sure are teaching experiences aren’t they! Hard, but like you said, unique preparation for that something in the future. Glad your handsome little guy is feeling better 🙂

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