Searching for Answers & Blog Neglect

I have a confession to make, their has been a certain something lurking around our house for quite sometime now, wreaking havoc on our rugs, laundry, Grady’s esophagus and well now his weight. It’s called …Reflux. It is the main reason of my blog neglect, my attention and focus has been on how to just keep his food down, new medicines, mixtures and concoctions. I have felt more defeated in the last few weeks then in my whole life, not even being ably to muster up a post. I want so badly to make it better and after a clear sign of weight loss, only one wet diaper today, spitting up in the upward number of 100 times today… tomorrow’s trip to Colombia is so needed.

The Facts: We have tried every antacid, he remains to be on prevacid at the moment but we don’t believe it works very well. I am more than willing to give up breast feeding if the alternative is a proven solution with just as much nutritional value. I am willing to cut Dairy from both mine and his diet’s (even though he passed the allergy for that last month) but the Dr. doesn’t want him to give up Dairy. I will not give my son Reglan and Erythromycin did not work. I believe it is a structural issue of Grady’s anatomy, because even if he takes no liquids and just solids he still spits up. Although liquids don’t help any after added. He is scheduled to be scoped in Mid August to get a better look.  I am bringing him to the one of the TOP pediatric Hospitals in the country, I pray and hope tomorrow we can find a better plan individualized for Grady, a solution method to getting my little boy strong again. Mamma needs encouragement here and Grady needs help.

Yes, little man is still smiling but I can tell that he is no longer a “happy spitter” as the Dr referred to him two months ago.  Pray for his visit if you would and that he begins to gain weight again soon.  Pray. Pray. Pray.

A few other reasons of my blog neglect include some high speed covert operations here at the Ski house that I only hope I can share someday soon. And that I have been extremely {blessed} and busy with my photography business. I can only thank God for sending me clients and helping us save money for those covert missions mentioned above.

A few photos from today’s visit to my Great Oma’s house in NJ! Something nostalgic about Mason riding bikes on the streets that I did when I was a child visiting my Oma, and sitting on the black top driveway with my boys where we spent countless hours sitting on a skateboard and rolling down when I was young.

Recent shots from my phone….

Daddy and Grady in bed first thing in the morning. Look at that TOOTH! love this photos captured on my phone.


Sprinkler time in the Summer! {in Spidey undies of course}

Grady Cuddling with his Cousin!!

Grady is pulling to stand now on his toys! big development here !


13 thoughts on “Searching for Answers & Blog Neglect

  1. Gena says:

    Dear baby Grady & Erin, I am praying God brings you strength and the much needed answers you seek. I pray tonight that you can feel God’s love & peace wrapped around you. Much love from Michigan xoxoxo

  2. Ilisa Ailts says:

    Lots of prayers. I hope you get answers. If you can, ask about food sensitivity testing, not just allergy. Difference is there. Many people are sensitive to dairy. Wonder why anti-giving up dairy? Protein? Can be found elsewhere. Calcium? More in coconut milk. There may be other sensitivities too but testing might be best – blood draw required 😦

    I have noticed Calvin spits up when I eat any dairy (even a small amount of butter), cocoa, caffeine, and I’m thinking corn too. This includes any foods not strictly dairy free – like cereals. I have more observations to make to find all the triggers. I’ve noticed if I stray from chicken/beef, and salad with simple dressing (natural without soybean oil and corn syrups) he spits up. I’ve also been avoiding gluten as best I can. I’m throwing all this out there as something to consider. Also, 2-4 weeks is necessary for time to see a change.

    That is a lot of spit up though…and since nothing is helping? Best wishes and God will see you through this time.

  3. Anna Theurer says:

    Hi Erin,

    I know we have briefly talked over FB. It sounds like things are pretty bad over there and I will keep Mr. Grady in my prayers. Poor guy! The solids food spit up could be due to delayed gastric emptying. The food just hangs out in the stomach S L O W L Y digesting, but the flopped esophageal sphincter allows it to come back up. Keep us posted on his progress.

    Ellie is cow’s milk dairy free and it drastically cut back on her spitting up. She takes rice milk. I know it isn’t ideal but it is better than the acid damaging her esophagus and teeth. We were gluten-free before due to a severe oat allergy, which she has since outgrown. I will tell that it made no difference for Ellie. She spits up the same when she was gluten free and the same now that she can have wheat & oat. Prevacid never worked with Ellie–it does not decrease spit up. Its job is to neutralize the acid and therefor decrease damage to the gI organs.

    I pray tha tyou get some answers. I pray that Grady starts to gain weight and stay hydrated. I pray that this resolves quickly.

  4. Erin says:

    So sorry Erin. I am hoping and praying that you find answers soon so that little Grady feels better! Lucas has mild reflux and is on Zantac 3 times a day. It has been working for him but like you said, it’s probably a structural issue with Grady. I know what it’s like to worry constantly about a little one, so BIG hugs to you 🙂

  5. Jeanne says:

    have you tried Aloe Vera juice? I heard about this from a co-worker and she swears it has helped her immensely. I’m not sure if this is the same problem Grady has, but she was experiencing a lot of reflux and had been avoiding chocolate, caffeine, fruit juices, and such. It’s available at Trader Joe’s and isn’t expensive. Good luck to you!

  6. Melissa says:

    I hope you get the answers you need! Claire is still on BM, but I’m almost out and started switching her to cows milk with not so favorable results. She does fine with cheese and yogurt, but milk might be a little much. We are still experimenting. Claire is on Prevacid too, and has been for quite a while. She has been spitting a little more lately. I’m not sure if it’s not working as well, or if it’s just changing with all her growing.

  7. Becky Beaubien says:

    I will definitely pray for you and your family. It is so stressful as a mom when things happen to your precious little ones. Hopefully, you will have some answers and direction soon to give you peace of mind. Also, your pictures are beautiful…

  8. elisabeth says:

    Just reading your post reminded me of all of our struggles helping Wesley with his severe reflux. I remember him regularly waking up from a nap four hours after his last feeding and him spitting up (throwing up) all over me right before I fed him again. We had Wesley allergy tested and came up with nothing, but I still removed all allergens from my diet (dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shell fish, and corn) for 8 weeks and then added them back in one week at a time until we pinpointed that gluten and dairy were affecting him. (It takes 4 weeks for many allergens to get completely out of your system, so I waited 4 weeks for them to be out of mine and then another 4 for him since I was nursing.) This seemed to help him somewhat, but it didn’t seem to completely solve the problem. So, when he was a year old, I weaned him, and his spit up immediately decreased. I will NEVER know why – I still believe that mother’s milk is best, but for some reason Wesley was intolerant to mine. If I had to do it over again, I might still have given him breast milk for the first year of his life, as he never got sick until he was weaned, but I was shocked at how much better he did once he was weaned. He now drinks coconut milk, which has significantly more fat than soy or rice milk, and at two years old his spit up is basically gone. He has been on Prevacid for 2 years now. When he was spitting up profusely, all it did was neutralize the acid, which prevented the spit up from eating up his insides. Now, he still has some issues with reflux b/c he doesn’t spit up at all unless we try to wean him off of the Prevacid. At that point, he starts spitting up a bit. But, it is so much better than it was that I am happy to wait a bit longer before seeing if there is anything else we can do to help him out.

    I will never forget how difficult that season was for me as I was so concerned for my boy and was making such significant sacrifices in hopes of finding a way to help him. I am praying for you, that God will give you wisdom for how to care for Grady and peace as you trust that God is upholding the life of your precious little boy.

    • Erin Ski! says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post, it really means a lot. I draw great insight from experience like yours and comfort. I really can’t seem to figure out why the doctor is so against me taking him off dairy. Grady lost so much weight that if I don’t get him to gain weight by next week they want him to get a feeding tube. It has been a long day, but tonight for the first time he ate table food not mashed up (mac and cheese) avocado and pees. I am determined to get him to gain his weight back this week… the next step she is looking at is a fundoplocation. I would be interested to know how severe Wesley’s spitting up was, and if is similar to Grady’s because surgery is our last hope here.
      Thank you again for the prayers!

      • elisabeth says:

        I quickly realized that a reply would be too long to post here, so I sent you an email. I hope that it is helpful and not discouraging. I am continuing to pray for you and for sweet Grady.

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