That Face of His… {New Pics & Milestones}

Oooo I’ve been working my butt off lately taking photos of just about everyone but my own children, and as much as I love capturing memories for others…boy o boy do I love photographing my children.  Grady’s face is taking new shape these days, and after putting my camera down for the last week or so, I can see it as I scan through my images.

I wish you could see his FIRST tooth that popped through the other day… it is on the top and I can see his mouth moving different as he adjusts to his new pearly white.

Grady’s face captivates me, I am not going to lie… it sings sweet music into my soul when i look into his eyes. I feel the need to pinch myself as I am in awe of the depth to which he connects with his eyes to other people. It is as if he can see farther than you or I….

I get it I’m his mom, but wow… It’s like his soul has a story to tell, and it’s waiting patiently within and only able to whisper through his eyes for now.

We are in that in between spot with Grady…not yet a  toddler but not really a baby.  Most children it happens over night, the transition from one to the other. .. but with Grady this space in between is comfortable, sweet and peaceful. We are anxious to see him hit the next milestone, but I am still enjoying him just as he is.  I see the transition some days more than others, where he is exploring more, standing on his own in his crib and reciprocating noise in the back seat with his brother…

Someone did this all by himself! ... so proud of him!

but still some days he is more than content to cuddle up next to me, fiddle with my necklace and be my baby. I still breast feed and find the tender moments first thing in the morning together making me beg father time to stop ticking, so I can just soak it up for a bit longer. The noise/chaos that surrounds me during the day {computer, email, facebook, cell phone, tv ect…} is silenced when the sun breaks through my window and shines on him and I.

I am blessed.

Oh and did I mention Grady takes a cup now, he loves it!… it’s crazy how when you just hand him something for the first time {not exactley thinking he will get it right off the bat, since we have temporarily failed with straws and sippy cups} …..He DID IT!

His quenched face of accomplishment says it all.

{… Something so perfect about a child in their diaper, the grass and summertime…}


7 thoughts on “That Face of His… {New Pics & Milestones}

  1. Shauna says:

    Yeah Erin, you may be his mommy, but I see it too. Grady has the sweetest most captivating gaze! And what you said about the story of his soul!!!! I see that. And I see it in my Reagan’s eyes when she looks at me too. So amazing. You are a wonderful photographer!

  2. Ilisa Ailts says:

    Love it as usual!! He is so precious and I agree, it is comfortable and relaxed between milestones and when we (I) can let go of the worries and just enjoy it for what it is, it is perfect.

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