The test heard around the world…

While I knew the AP distributed world wide, I was surprised to find out that this article showed up pretty much everywhere. From front pages in the newspaper to the NY Times online, WOW.  I had family from Florida to Las Vegas fall off their chair at breakfast when they caught our photo in the morning paper & googling my name took a whole new meaning.

The implications of this 8 week test article did exactley what I said in my last post. Sparked debate, blog posts, fueled raging comments. People came out of the woodworks to speak up….  My husband fought honorably through 4 tours in the Middle East  so people have this right…. so I say speak on.

I have come to learn that when we make ourselves vulnerable, two things can happen. Change or Regret.  In my personal experience, I have never seen change from just sitting back and letting the world go on. So, I considered it a humbling honor to share Grady with the world, despite the hatred that looms around this issue. No regret here, even after reading the comments . I pray Change.

Here is the Video we are in that was done to go along with the article… It is interesting to see yourself  on video and also to see what clips they chose to show, surely if you know me, I said much more than what was featured, in much greater depth and faith. No really? lol.

The Video
I was ever so grateful to the writer of this article, Malcolm Ritter, for plugging my blog into the end of article for distribution. It allowed whatever else I wanted to say or share to be found right here, on our family site. Where we break it down as it is, for those who are looking for more… the response has been wonderful.

The Article

I said this in response to a online friend who posted about all the nasty comments out there…this is my re-post…

“I spent a good part of last night doing the same thing on huffington post, like a train wreck I kept looking, well what I learned is that the world is nasty and fallen, far more nasty then I even thought, but there is soooo much good out there, and I have Jesus and my husband and my two little boys, and the world can try all they want, but they can’t steal the joy out of my heart. Their tongue is an evil weapon and we will all be judged in the end. I spent an extra long time looking at Grady in his crib last night. He is joy.”


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7 thoughts on “The test heard around the world…

  1. Kristin Montgomery says:

    You are amazing my friend! You really are such an inspiration! I hope and pray people all over will change the way they view down syndrome! It is a hard pill for me to swallow to think that someone could actually abort a beautiful life. What an unintersting ugly world it would be without our boys and others who sport that extra chromosome! I just wish EVERYONE could see what we see everyday when we look into those beautiful almond shaped eyes! Thank you Erin, for being such an awesome advocate for down syndrom!

  2. Anna Theurer says:

    Excellent post! I already “liked” your FB blog page 🙂 I have been spreading the article and video around. Everyone says Grady is handsome ! “No kidding!”, i say”. That’s right, they cannot steal the joy out of your heart!

  3. Shauna says:

    I read it and watched the video and wished I could have heard all that I knew you REALLY said 🙂 but like you said everybody can come here…and those doing the interviewing heard it all too, and we all know what God can do with ONE changed heart!

  4. Leticia Velasquez says:

    Erin, your witness to the beauty of Grady’s life was the soundbite heard round the world. Thank you from the bottom of this special mother’s heart. None of our children have Down syndrome stamped on their forehead. They have “beloved one of God” there.

  5. Libby says:

    Erin your picture made it on the front page of our small town newspaper too! I just about fell out of my chair while eating my cereal. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for being such a light of hope and beauty in this world. Give sweet Grady a hug from me and his buddy Charlie.

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