Chasing Pigeons: 8 Week Blood Test & Abortion

Trying to tackle this issue is much like Mason chasing Pigeons through Central park this last week..

Have you ever asked God to break your heart for what breaks his? Try it, ask him in prayer and when it happens you will know. Like a light switch, you will know. It may just change your life forever.

I never had an abortion, but my mind wanders there from time to time. I can’t begin to truly relate to the experience but it doesn’t stop my mind from working through it. I think about the pain a woman must go through after making such a decision and the regret that must follow at some point in life. I think about abortion when someone mentions prenatal testing or when people wait till they are far into their pregnancy to announce they are pregnant. Not assuming they will abort, but wondering if it ran across their minds. I think about abortion when I hear someone has been raped, molested or underage. Chromosomes, syndromes, heart, brain, lungs, clef, tiny, large, malformation, size, extra, missing, all words that have the potential to scare the living daylights out of you when you are pregnant. Tiny words can lead to big choices. Society has thrown around the word Abortion so much that circumstances have come to directly correlate with termination. My mind just goes there like a well trained and manipulated machine. Well done world.

Lately my mind has been going there for a few particular reasons.

I was recently approached by the Associated Press to do an interview regarding my amnio choice and experience with Grady for an article they are writing about the new 8 week, Non-Invasive, Pre-natal blood test to detect Down Syndrome. This medical advancement is groundbreaking as it can replace the risky procedure of an Amnio (like the one I endured) for a simpler method of drawing a small amount of blood from the mother instead. This is POWERFUL. Why? Currently the abortion rate for babies with Down Syndrome is at a staggering 90% . With a woman equipped with a prenatal diagnosis at the early stage of 8 weeks in pregnancy, brace yourself tiny feet and hands that rate will sky rocket.

They say knowledge is power, and I agree. Medical advances are a glorious thing when put in the right hands. It is the measure of any person or society on how they use that power…

So as we sat in Central Park this past Monday for the AP Photo Shoot (super exciting for us btw), or tomorrow when we give a TV interview for the AP (super nervous about that), I pray this article somehow pushes against the tides. I pray if anything Grady’s smile and gentle soul is groundbreaking enough in even just one readers heart. I know my quotes will be featured in the beginning and the end of the article and I pray that just that small portion will somehow speak.

I sometimes wonder when someone is uncomfortable around Grady if it because they once decided to abort a baby with Down Syndrome, and Grady’s face is but a haunting reminder of their child that never was. When he smiles they quickly look away as if they are scared of his contentment, his flawless face and almond eyes that melt the soul. Our joy is their demise, regret or shame. I pray, beg and plead for less women turning their heads for this reason.

I get it, this whole genetically altered, chromosomal enhanced, “less than worldly perfect” child stirs hearts, scares souls, and fuels debate. This new blood test will spark blog posts, articles, and argument. A society that moves towards the role of playing God should not surprise us, but bring us to our knees pleading with God.

“Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools…They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.”

Romans 1:22, 25

Let us not forget who Created Down Syndrome. Let us not believe the lies. Let us not be fools.

Back to those pigeons, you see their reluctance to be caught didn’t stop his childlike faith from chasing them. It inspired me to write this post, because although this is but a tiny blog I won’t stop pursuing life for unborn babies like my Grady Wayne and Big Brother’s Like Mason Wyatt.

What breaks your heart?


21 thoughts on “Chasing Pigeons: 8 Week Blood Test & Abortion

  1. pernilla says:

    Dear Erin,

    it´s been a while since I wrote to you. But I always read your blog! I follow Grady on his journey!
    I just read your blog and I felt I should tell what we experienced when staying at a ranch in TX for a couple of days this spring. We met a family from England and the father connected to our son Jakob right away. They just had the best time ever – on the train, in the pool, at supper, playing table tennis and just laughing and chatting. It was the cutest thing! Best buddies! Everyone at the ranch just loved seeing and hearing them having such a wonderful time! Just before they left for the airport Jakob got a big, big hug AND the father´s favorite cap: England´s Rugby Team with the Red Rose. He said: – You are the brother I never had! And I love you! See you again soon!

    Think about it…

    Pernilla and Jakob

    • Erin Ski! says:

      Pernilla! I LOVE THIS STORY, it should be a blog post in itself, it is a beautiful story. I cried tears as I read the end, it is so powerful. Hugs and Love to both you and Jakob.

  2. Anna Theurer says:

    Beautiful post and well written as always. I know this new test is going (and already is) sparking many debates. It scares me. It does. I am looking forwarded to the Associated Press article. It is my hope that they include everything you say and tons of photos showing just how beautiful your family is. Be sure to link the AP article here and on FB. I absolutely do not want to miss it!

  3. Kristi Marshall Towell says:

    Your blog touches me every time. I love your love, dedication and zeal for the Lord. It’s real. It’s wreckless. It’s what it should be. You inspire me to get closer to the Lord. I’ve been saved and really living for the Lord for ages, but time can wear on any relationship. You help me fall in love all over again,

    I had a daughter with Ds. She is 11 weeks. You help me see all the good in her and Ds. Grady is gorgeous. I’m so happy you’re becoming a voice for all babies and and our extra special ones. Many blessings to you and yours.

  4. Shauna says:

    Oh Erin I am so glad they interviewed you! You speak so well on this subject! I would get all fumbled up in my words if they asked me any questions (not that anyone would as I don’t do testing for myself), but you have talked about it before and really nailed it. May God really shine through your words and your heart and your adorable son! This testing is scary considering that we’re already at 90%.

  5. Marcus Goodyear says:

    The power of this article is the photos and the humanity of your personal story held up against the new science and what that may mean for parents who are told their child will have Downs.

    The last question caught me off guard, though. What breaks my heart?

    I think it must be divisions in the Church, when Christians act like they know everything and judge others and judge me (or I judge them). When we take pride in our connection to God and our particular worship style or prayer style or study habit, and expect our experience to be the template for how everyone else should experience the discipline of their faith. When I go to a bar in New York with a friend and the bartender finds out I’m Christian, which he assumes to mean that I want him to burn in hell.

    That has nothing to do with your post, but it is what breaks my heart.

    • Erin Ski! says:

      Marcus thank you so much for sharing with me what breaks your heart, I totally hear you and understand what you are saying, I think we are so quick to judge each other or try to mold ourselves or others into a certain model to keep ourselves comfortable. When we see other’s living in a way that we may not understand even if it is God honoring, We squirm. Sometimes judging is easier than looking in the mirror.

      Thank you for your feedback!

  6. Whitney Melton says:

    You brought tears to me with your passion for life, awareness, and most importantly your love for the Lord. I continue to be inspired by every word you pour into this blog. You keep me striving to get closer & closer with God and there is nothing more important to me than spreading the word about DS. I honestly feel like I wasn’t truly ALIVE before the nephew 🙂 There is a strength so strong about those almond shaped eyes. I look at Grady and Carter and feel peace and endless amounts of love. With that love comes fight though…a constant fight for people to see and KNOW them like we do. Thank you thank you for sharing your soul and fighting this fight. SO PUMPED about the article. Prayers everything will go smoothly and your words will flow. LOVE -Whit

  7. Patti says:

    hey girl, did that article come out yet? because I am getting quite a bit of traffic to Lily’s blog today on that post where you guest blogged for me. I am guessing because it’s called “Blogger Spotlight: Erin Witkowski” and people are searching for your name. Either that or you had a background check ordered and lots of people are investigating your online friends…hope I didn’t ruin your reputation 😉

  8. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting this – will be praying that God gives you the words when you are interviewed! My daughter is just now 5 months old and we didn’t find out about her diagnosis until birth. I sometimes read the posts at babycenter and have visited a few blogs in my ‘spare’ time (ha – I homeschool my 2 other children and work part-time). Love yours – it has given me much encouragement — and is nice to ‘connect’ with other moms who have a biblical worldview — even if it is only online. Thanks for the encouragement – and reminders that God is good and God is in control. Blessings! Elly’s mom….

  9. Nori Coleman says:

    I became pro-life about 14 years ago. People have been appauled at me having 8 children. Not at the children but seeing me pregnant quite often. Comments would be made such as, “Are You Crazy?” etc. This mentality taught me alot about the “Culture of Death”, a phrase Pope John Paul 2 coined to describe the times we live in.The ob/gyns always wanted to tie my tubes and couldn’t understand loving life so much. Then 9 weeks ago, I was blessed with Malcolm who has DS at my 6 week check up I confronted the ob/gynabout the abortion statistics on babies with DS andhe told me this:” We counsel women who have prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy this way because we don’t know if the case is mild or severe and we don’t know if they are compatible with life. ” This made me feel ill and I just wanted to get the heck out of there but I handed him an article I had posted on my blog called,” 90% not allowed to Live”. I am so glad you are speaking out against this. Your Grady and my Malcolm are ambassadors for life!!

  10. Sarah says:

    He is adorable!
    I saw the article this morning – I refused genetic testing of my children. What good was it going to do? I wasn’t going to abort my children. With my youngest I had to have ultrasounds monthly and got tired of how invasive they were. I am not overly religious but I do go by the thought that one only gets what they can handle. We moms are strong. My oldest is Autistic (highly functioning), he sees the world in ways I never would. I cannot imagine not having in my life, he has made me a better person. Even when other people are rude to him. Thankfully he doesn’t see that, a blessing.

  11. Deb says:

    I’m touched by your words! Thank you for this blog post. I declined an amnio when given 1:10 odds because I believe no life is worth risking. My beautiful son Evan was born with Down Syndrome on March 25th, 2011. We named him Evan meaning God is gracious and he is.


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