Playdate Time : Sean & Grady Man

I laugh because whenever you meet a bloggy friend/ online friend for the first time you have to kind of wonder ya know? Perhaps a big ole hairy middle aged man showed up instead of the mommy and her kids! … we laughed about it together while our boys played in the sand.

Sean is just a month shy of his first birthday and he is a cutie. { I get the awesome opportunity next month to photograph him for his first birthday as part of the ShineDown Project, so stay tuned for that} It was so awesome to hear them babbling back and forth to each other, poking at each-other and being boys. I enjoyed my time meeting Jen too, she is awesome and just a hop skip and jump away in Brooklyn! I am sure this was just a first of many playdates for our boys!

You can check out Jen’s blog too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! xo


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