Sweet Summer, Boylan Soda & His First Kiss

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”– Angela Monet

I ran across this qoute while searching for the end of the internet the other day and well LOVED it. It made my mind burst with thought & reflection. It is rare when a qoute does just that to me in an instance.

I thought about my life these days….how I’ve been leading a very public blog, shouting out to the world my love for Jesus and admitting my shortcomings for all to read, embracing Down Syndrome,  loving on my Grady hard and out loud, grasping for Truth in the Chaos, Grady’s International Modeling Requests, Advocating,  driving up and down NYS thruway straight over the GWB for the best of the best Dr’s for little man, shielding looks and peculiar statements, balancing life, if and when possible. Taking a few short of a thousand photos a week.  Laundry. Editing. EI Therapy. Fishing. Ice Cream.  Falling in love with my Sons more and more. Praying. Praying More. Watching doors open and close.  Stumbling. Snuggling. Finding peace in the future, accepting, and letting go. Let God.

{to the onlooker who pity’s, stares, doesn’t understand, the sorrowful, or those who bleep Grady off the map because they think he is a scientific mistake this is all ((Insanity))…}


I am Dancing.

I love to Dance.

Slower Paces yet Faster Beats of my Heart.

Beautiful Melodies.

Chorus of friends.

Solo by Little Man

Big Guy in the Big Book…takes the Lead


Don’t Stop Dancing.


{I feel sorry for those who cannot hear the Music}

Grady’s sweet cousin is just a few months older than him and she is a lover!! … She does love her cousin!!

These photos melt my heart.

Mommy & Daddy love their Boylan’s Soda from time to time & it is always a sweet summer treat 🙂

Could these faces be any more kissable? And yes Grady would love to be the spokesmodel for Boylan’s any contacts just holler 😉





5 thoughts on “Sweet Summer, Boylan Soda & His First Kiss

  1. Anna Theurer says:

    Love love love the photos! Grady’s face in the one right after his cousin kissed him is absolutely priceless 🙂 Your little Grady is becoming quite famous with all of these modeling requests. Who on Earth could resist such a darling face?

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