Broken {down} Blessings

Sometimes I have these kinds of weeks, where I pray for favor, I pray for selfish things and my world starts circling around me. Days when I don’t pray at all actually…Then I wait for God to shower me with his Love because for some reason I had become incredibly fooled into the idea that I deserve something wonderful right when I want it. Silly me.

That is when my truck broke down. I was driving yesterday and POP went the engine. Mind you I was driving Paul’s F250 with Grady quietley sleeping in the backseat, its a mighty big engine in a ridiculously big truck. The engine started to then shake, make noises that were rather uncomfortable to hear, fumes started leaking through the vent and well 20 minutes into our trek to Colombia Presby, we were broken down on the side of a very busy highway.

My first reaction was, I better get off the phone now. I was just blabbering away in a state of denial for the first few seconds after the POP until the shake started.  My second reaction was, gee I best call the husband as I don’t have a clue how to even pop this hood, yo. Thirdly, Oooo I should post this to facebook (because it will make me feel less alone or better or maybe if someone is driving by and checking their facebook they can throw me a beep beep?) Fourth, I hope they take us late at our Dr. Appt because I wasn’t taking NO for an answer. Lastly,  appropriately enough and with direct reflection on my spiritual life this week I prayed that we would be safe on the side of the road and thanked God for sparing an explosion.(this isn’t an example of saving the best for last, but the poor state of my mindset)

Hindsight, my morning started out like the one before, jumping out of bed, barely getting the kids fed and not even brushing my hair after my shower (because mind you I can’t find my brush for the life of me, yeah 4 days and counting) all the while just trying to make an appt on time…. I was rushing, frazzled, mushing things in my diaper bag that I didn’t even need, coffee deprived and my emotions well were ruling me.

I think the Truck was just a tool used by God, because when I managed to get off my cell phone and facebook mobile… I had a few moments (like an hour) to watch the Sun break through the clouds for the first time in a week and shine onto Grady’s little face, I had a moment to thank God for our safety in a way he deserves, I had a moment to breathe. I was stuck and believe it or not it was exactly what I needed to refocus. I couldn’t rush, I couldn’t budge, I was being calmed by the noise of the highway and Grady’s babbling, I felt covered by the prayers and sweet ride offers of friends…and in the midst of what could be just a complete HOT mess… I was actually the most content I had been all week. Blessing.

Romans 8:28

“..And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Grady's Wild Hair! He needs a haircut? lol...this is much safer than it looks 😉

Check back Later for everything that went down at Colombia yesterday after we did eventually make it….and all the appt’s this week as well as a a few huge milestone announcements!!

Let’s just say after God worked me out… he granted favor the rest of the day 🙂 xo

Praising Him.


5 thoughts on “Broken {down} Blessings

  1. P says:

    And you noticed it all and felt loved. It’s the full moon or just about, we have major chaos in cars and other areas, milestones and appointments too! Hang on for the ride and so excited to hear more news on it all.

  2. Heather says:

    Erin, isn’t it a shame when it takes something as schedule altering as a break down for us to stop and appreciate God? With two kids, and so much stuff to do everyday, including the 1/2 hour at least on facebook… right? It’s so easy to forget about God. I roll out of bed, shower (or not), feed kids, clean up kids, eat myself, put kid down for nap, play with other kid, hang out online, change diapers, make lunch, put other kid down for nap….etc. the list goes on and on. We end up leaving no room for God. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and look around and thank God for his blessings. That verse you quoted is kind of my ‘cling to at all times’ verse. Well said woman!

  3. Libby says:

    I found your blog while browsing around. I really enjoyed this post and wanted to leave a comment. What a sweet way to look at the situation. Great post! Can’t wait to come back for more!

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