“I used to have Down Syndrome”

Wandering around the Magic Kingdom for the first time ever and without Kids proved to be quite the experience. I was enjoying myself, but missed the kids (kind of, shhh) No, really it was a blast and I opted not to bring my big ole camera in the park so we used our cell phones and a throw away. (AHHHH, I can’t believe i used a throw away it felt like a foreign object in my hand).

I couldn’t help but notice the gentlemen with Down Syndrome ringing the bell outside the haunted mansion, I was intrigued and both Paul and I wanted to say hello! Jose just rocked, bottom line. He lives independently with his best friend and takes a bus to work everyday. I showed him pictures of my boys and told him my Grady had Down Syndrome, he looked up at me and said “NO WAY, let me see him again” he then looked up at me with a great smile and said ” Oh, I used to have Down Syndrome” . And just like that, we made eye contact and my heart melted in the most comforting way. I couldn’t argue with him, he was right, although he was born into this world with a medical diagnosis, somewhere along his life journey according to him he was free from the diagnosis, the box, the tulips, the stereo types.

He was Jose, and one hot and sunny April day, Jose blessed my soul.

*Jose wants to come and visit us in NY someday and even called us this past week to tell us his future plans and after a nice conversation on the phone, ended our conversation with “I love you”. I can see us keeping in touch, you never know Jose might just be at the buddy walk with us this year 🙂

So yes, I did experience a sprinkle of Magic in the Magic Kingdom, in probably the most unexpected ways.

(I hope to blog more this week, I’m still all turned around from our trip, catching up here at home and all the current noise I have going on in my head, I am trying to get the hamster back onto the wheel and start organizing up there…. stay tuned)


12 thoughts on ““I used to have Down Syndrome”

  1. Patricia says:

    How great is that!. With all the hooplah of Disney World you found Jose ! God is amazing. I would love to meet him sometime. Hope he comes to NY.

  2. Lara Font says:

    Yeah for WDW!!! One of our favorite spots!!! Jose, you have it right my friend!!! Love how God gives us those encounters in the most unexpected places!!! Hope it was a magical trip!!!

  3. Andi says:

    That’s it. Mr. Andi and I are moving to central Florida when he retires. My little guy is going to be a cast member at WDW (never mind what he wants…) 😀

  4. Jo says:

    What an amazing “God sighting” for you in the Magic Kingdom!! What a blessing for you–and what a blessing your post was for me!

  5. jodi says:

    This blog made my eyes tear more than any other (imagine that?)… Thats awesome…. I would love to meet Jose… I was thinking September 24? It could be one big celebration…. me, Jose, Simon…..All things because of that special little guy GRADY!! What a blessing that boy is..WOW

  6. jodi says:

    I just realized I will hopefully be going to WDW in June.. I’ll have to introduce myself… I saw him there last year… Actually I think Jose has been working there for some time now cause I remember him from a few years ago..

  7. P says:

    Patricia, is it Jose or someone else from above that you need in NY!? Are you hoping for him or more people like Him? Hmm?! We could use more of both on the West Coast…

  8. Nori Coleman says:

    Love the post! Jose is such an inspiration. I just had my special lil’ man Malcom 3 1/2 weeks ago and I am thankful for your blog and awesomepeople who understand the dignity of the human person regardless of the # of chromosomes!

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