A photo that speaks.

This photo says oh so many things, it speaks to me, it sings to my heart and makes the little muscles in my face twitch from smiling.

This is Grady’s delivery nurse, whom we call “Nurse Jodi” also “Grady’s first friend”.

I didn’t know Jodi before I went into the hospital to deliver Grady, but when we left I knew we had a connection that was immeasurable. {I joke with her all the time telling her that after the things she had to do to me to get that baby out, she was stuck with me for life.}

I love this woman and her family. Tonight they joined us for Easter Service and then out to dinner for my birthday, it was a very special night. I captured this photo and had to share it. Jodi is a blessing.

Grady was Jodi’s first baby with Down Syndrome born on her shift in all her years as a nurse and mid-wife (16+)….  This Photo Speaks.


5 thoughts on “A photo that speaks.

  1. jo diehl says:

    You said it: this beautiful picture speaks! I’m sure of all the babies she has helped enter the world, Jodi will always have a very special place in her heart for Grady!

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