Shades of Green: Nutritional Challenge(d)

I bought the food Grinder to use for Mason, O my big glorious granola new mommy plans.

That ended up like my natural birth plan with Mason too …with an emergency C-section. Crash.

I’ve been Gerber Food all the way with my babies. No shame, no guilt…until

About a year or so ago, I met a young man (about 18) with Down Syndrome who happened to be overweight. I knew that individuals with Down Syndrome are predisposed to obesity and thyroid issues, so I didn’t think too much of it. I couldn’t help but notice his difficulty in enjoying life at the park to the fullest with such a predisposition. My heart hurt for him as I watched him struggle getting on and off the swing set.

We invited this delightful young man to come and sit down with us. He ran to to bench and grabbed his book-bag before coming over. Out his bag, came a paper bag, a fast food paper bag…. It was then, this young man rattled off every fast food restaurant’s MENU on Dolson Ave (local street), Taco Bell, BAM. Wendy’s, BAM. McDonalds, BAM. Not to mention the Chinese & Pizzeria’s Menu as well. OY.  Just like that , the young man who didn’t have a license and lived to far to walk to these restaurant’s, somehow knew it all in exceptional detail. He was so very bright.

It was that experience when the seed was planted. The seed has been watered over the last year with poignant experiences.

**Such as every-time, Mason (our 3 year old) asks for a happy meal when we are out and about running errands, or traveling for Dr. Appt’s…I think back to that boy in the park. As I pull around that drive through (again), I am haunted.

**Every-time I feel like I have NO Control over Down Syndrome, “Nutrition” is a comforting word to me, because I actually DO have CONTROL over something. I can control if my car goes through that drive through, what goes in his mouth (for a while at least), what I teach him about health and nutrition, I can prepare his body for life…This is the main reason I am still breast-feeding Grady. I threw in the towel with Mason around 6 months, but with Grady I pulled up my bootstraps and stormed through the challenging first months of pumping and weak latch. I found rythm and flow in breast-feeding around 5 months with him and it’s been history. (* we are currently in the early stages of weaning due to reflux)

We put a garden in this last year, producing an abundance of vegetables yet I failed to can or harvest them in a way that our family could  enjoy it all year round.  We may have planted the physical seeds, but mentally things were still marinating for me. Overall, A for effort but I give us an F for follow through.

**Then this last week our Speech Therapist recommended I start making Food for Grady to help with thicker textures and start his transitions from pureed foods to table foods. I’m not going to lie,  this dedicated Gerber food mamma started squirming. Ok, actually internally I was kicking and screaming because it wasn’t my idea (cough, cough control freak) and I have enough on my plate right now. Then…

I prayed over it and reflected back to my day at the park with that young man. How can I be a healthier mamma to my kids? Is my act of making baby food and being obedient in the preperation and planning the beginning of a glorious nutritional future for my family? Perhaps.

SPROUT. That seed that was planted a year ago, made way yesterday when I did it.  I Got off my Nutritionally/ Preperation challenged Lazy, yes Lazy butt and did it.

Every-time something a sprout firsts out of the ground it is a a lighter shade of Green..

Making baby food for the first time in cultural terminology doesn’t make me a “green mamma”, but I’d like to describe my efforts as a lighter shade of mint green, and call it a “Shade in Progress”. After all I did add a touch of butter to those sweet potatoes. 😉

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13 thoughts on “Shades of Green: Nutritional Challenge(d)

  1. Jeanne Spencer says:

    congrats to making your own baby food. Like you, I used jars for my first 2 children, but finally made my own for my youngest. It turned out to be easier than I thought and she loves just about anything I feed her. I found an easy way to make it was to just puree whatever we had for dinner or a meal. If you make extras, you can freeze the leftovers and just take it out when needed. I see you have freeze trays, those work well and so do the little plastic storage containers.

    Overall, I enjoy reading your story. Grady is such a little cutie. Your posts make me realize just how fortunate we all are, no matter the challenges life brings us. We still wake up everyday to the most wonderful faces and smiles in the world.

    Have a great day!

    • Erin Ski! says:

      Thanks Jeanne! I appreciate your comment! Yes it is crazy how easy it really is, once we do it!! Thank you for reading!!! I will look into those little plastic storage containers because I ran out of room in my little freeze tray:)))

  2. Linda says:

    Oh my goodness! Your kids are so adorable! I have a little girl with DS- she’s 4 1/2 and her name is Lila. She is such an amazing kid, the light of our lives! We are also very concerned with nutrition, and Lila is gluten-free so we have to be really careful what we feed her! We also take Juice Plus+, which helps a lot.

    Love your blog!

  3. Patti says:

    Love this post! You are so inspiring:) I wish I could get Lily to eat baby food- purely selfish motives, I love spoon feeding my babies! She only wants real food that she can feed herself…and the chunkier the better. I love this idea though- I want to plant a garden! Grady’s smiles just melt me- I LOVE HIM!!!

  4. Korey Hickling says:

    I know exactly what you mean by this post, Erin. For all the same reasons you mentioned (and probably after some guilt over having so much difficulty breastfeeding Jack), I have made all of his baby food myself. Stick with it and it will become second nature (and actually quite fun!). I recommend the website … great organic recipes and preparation tips. What’s funny is that my husband jokes that I now only cook for Jack, and no longer for us! Have fun! 😉

  5. Erin says:

    That last picture of Grady just made me smile down to my toes! I just want to hug him and giggle right along with him! So sweet! Best moment of my day!

  6. Danielle Barton says:

    Just wanted to say that your little one is a DOLL. He is so stinkin cute! Found your blog from the top25 blogs contest – I was there voting for APerfectLily (friends of ours) but I had to sneak over check our your sweet blog! (:

  7. Carrie says:

    Good for you! I worry about Miss B’s nutrition…especially since she gravitates to all the junk food. She’s past the baby food stage so it’s harder to control what she eats as much but I’m hoping that the foundation we set then, will continue on now…as long as I can convince her to eat vegetables again. 😛

  8. Michelle Miedema says:

    YAY !! Great Job Erin with making baby food !! I did it with all my kiddies and loved it. And if you need help with the canning… give me a ring ring. Loves !!

  9. Jocelyn says:

    Thanks for this post. I had wanted to make Julia’s baby food, but so far (just about a month in to her eating food), I haven’t. I tell myself all these reasons why it’s OK I haven’t – I just returned to work, at least I’m buying organic food for her, etc., etc. But reading your post (and some of the comments) has inspired me to get a plan together and start making her food! I also wonder if she’ll struggle with weight when she’s older and you are so right that what our kids eat IS something we can control right now. Thanks for continuing to share your journey!

  10. Melissa says:

    I love Grady’s big ole grin! I didn’t do jarred baby food as long as I’d thought I woud. We didn’t start Claire until after OHS and by 8 months she refused it. Onto table food we went. I’m with you on the nutrition. We can control that, and help our little ones learn healty habits. My eating habits aren’t best, but I’m working hard to have Claire started out right. Baby steps…maybe I’ll start eating better too!

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