Eye Got this One!

Mini-post!  We visited the Eye Doctor (& ENT/Audiologist) on Monday to have our 1 year appt… we were happy to discover that God so mercifully lifted something off our plate. All of Grady’s eye issues that were found at 6 months (strabismus, nystigmus and far sighted) are resolved, meaning he looked great. God’s way of telling us ” Eye Got This Covered”. See you next year Doc.


5 thoughts on “Eye Got this One!

  1. Jennifer says:

    OMgosh- That is AMAZING news!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gives me hope…I keep thinking that Elijah’s nystagmus is getting better, but then I question myself if I’m just getting used to it. I’m thrilled for you guys and for Grady- one less thing to worry about! ((HUGS))

  2. Nina Shields says:

    Thrilled for the great news; may it be a trend in this precious guy’s life! Love your blog and greatly appreciate your awesome photography!

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