The Healer :: Test Results

I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite verses again in Exodus. It started about two weeks ago when I had the awesome opportunity to speak to my MOPS  (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group at  our home church Grace Community on the topic of special needs. It was the first time a topic like this has been presented, and it was spectacular, moving and exciting. A panel of four mothers, myself included spoke about our personal testimonies, experiences and knowledge on raising a child with special needs.  I shared some of the verses we stand on as a family, one of them being the story of Moses in Exodus 4 and his  profession before God of being “slow of speech and tongue” after God requested of him the HUGE task of leading his people out of Egypt..  I have blogged about it before HERE click to read the full story.

While I was sharing this story with our MOPS group a light bulb went off (insert conversation in head while speaking, eek). Why did God not just HEAL him of his speech impediment/impairment/disability? Why did he instead ask his brother Aaron to come and be his helper and speak for him? Surely it would have been easier to just heal him and fix him right? I mean God’s power split the red sea and turned water into wine, surely adjusting the speech of Moses would be a walk in the park.

Perspective. I have a new perspective on this verse even more than I did before. I have perspective on healing and God.  I have more insight into his ways for me . Maybe “Healing” isn’t always in God’s plan for us when faced with unthinkable challenges. Disabilities. Sickness.  Lack of “Perfection”. ect…

I thought of this particularly because  I have heard of people trying to pray the Down Syndrome out of a prenatally diagnosed woman. They think that Down Syndrome is a sickness that can be fixed, cured.  They search through their uncomfortableness for spiritual fixes and answers that they will not find to the miracles of God’s Creation. Instead of Embracing it.

I turned then to the new testament and read this regarding healing in James 5:14-15: Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

Is it the prayer of faith saving the soul, not releasing the sickness?  If it is God’s will to heal us/fix us then so be it, he will and he can, I don’t think we are even capable of comprehending his mightiness nor are we capable of knowing his plan. But perhaps embracing the particular situation and searching for what God is trying to reveal is most important.  Believing in his plan. Praying for guidance and strength, and healing if it be his will. Giving the glory to God through it all, persevering and keeping our eyes WIDE open when he sends a helper instead of healer.

Just some new perspective.

Test Updates and Results.

Grady passed his Swallow Study. BUT. It was performed with him sitting up and taking a pumped bottle, not his usual position of laying down sideways and breastfeeding. Therefore in the scheme of scietific testing, adding a new variable and extracting the constant…. Test therefore inconclusive in my book. We have been referred to an Upper GI doctor to start pursuing possible reflux aspiration. We go this friday. Back to square one. Good news is, I will be weening breast-feeding by mouth not pump.

Friday morning we got word from Grady’s Doctor that his thyroid levels are off. The mechanism that creates the thyroid hormone is not working porperly, therefore his thyroid levels are starting to drop off therefore he is pre-hypothyroidism. We we will be seeing specialist for that at the end of the month.

We had to reschedule eye appt and hearing test until the 30th because of the swallow study. Also had to schedule an appt. with the urologist for an undescended testicle.  Whew.

I’m glad I have new perspectives, awesome friends, and just the two most adorable little boys I have ever seen. I am rejoicing in all the new experiences during our few trips to Colombia (including meeting many young ones with Down Syndrome, having lunch with an old friend,  experiencing the big city and sharing the love of Jesus) I am grateful for the past year and the bypass we took around medical issues. I am praying for obedience and time management for myself.  Praising him through it all.


7 thoughts on “The Healer :: Test Results

  1. Jennie says:

    Glad to hear he passed his swallow study. Will be praying for him and his other health issues (Micah has been on synthroid since age 4mos and he’s currently on a trial without the med and it appears he’s not going to pass and will have to go back on it. Micah also had the orchiopexy surgery at 1 year for bilateral testicle descention.).

  2. Heather says:

    I read this comparison of Moses and his brother on a blog in regards to siblings and Down syndrome. Was it on your blog? I obviously read way too many blogs but I loved how it talked about how siblings are part of God’s plan and how they need each other to make their weaknesses into strengths. Then the blogger put the sweetest pictures of her child with his sibling. I’ll have to search for it. You’d love it (and watch it be your own post. Ha!)

  3. Jennifer says:

    I get teary just looking at your beautiful boys. I love your new perspective and I think it is right on. Sometimes what we think needs to be “healed”, isn’t “broken” in God’s eyes anyway. I’m praying for strength for you as you embark on the journey of getting answers from the medical community…that is probably what takes the most energy, isn’t it? Today we have our audiology appointment- I’m anxious to see what a full work up reveals for Elijah, if anything. Wish we lived close enough for a playdate- our boys ages are so perfect!! oxox

  4. Ilisa Ailts says:

    You do have some cute boys! You should have more!

    Anyways, been reading about the swallow-study/aspirating/breast-feeding and I do want to say how happy I am you got in the time you did. I’ve heard that bf’ing isn’t too bad when it comes to aspirating because it’s a bodily fluid, BUT, still not good. What a trooper you have there. Best wishes will the other appointments. He sure looks like he is feeling good! And, sitting up like a big boy! I am still waiting for that…it will be awhile I think. Patience, right?

  5. jodi says:

    Yay for passing the swallow test…Mason is such a sweet little boy… one day he isn’t going to know what hit him cause I am just going to squeeze the stuffing out of him… He really loves his little brother!

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