Detour. of course.

I said I liked adventures right? whew, just had to remind myself.

If I told you as I write this I am mentally exhausted, hopefully you would understand if my sentences go in two or three different directions. ** I brought my old point and shoot canon powershot with me (henceforth the grainy and sad photos)…. mind you I have no clue how to work it anymore. embarrassment. ha.

Our first stop on Monday  was to Dunkin Donuts because every adventure needs fuel, right? We then traveled through the glistening hudson valley, as all the trees where frozen over after the great thaw and rain storm the night before. Leaving our area with high waters and sparkling hills. It was a sweet way to start our day as we were in awe of God’s beauty.

We visited the  Physical therapist first, she showed us some chest tapping excerises (our in-home EI PT had already shown us) but we didn’t want to steal the thunder, and we let her re-teach us how to move some of the congestion out of Grady’s upper chest cavity. Lots of cupping the hand and chest banging followed by quick vibrations. (did I lose you yet?)

Yes, Mason is that enthused in the background, I promise his day got better. He adores spending time with his brother 🙂

While roaming the halls of the hospital we randomly ran into our Pulmonologist who caringly listened to Grady’s freshley tapped out chest. He was impressed with how clear he sounded. Awesome (& no co-pay).

We headed up to our consult with the Feeding/Speech Therapist. That is where the Detour comes in. I hear screeching tires in my head.


First she listened to Grady’s chest, and heard nothing, totally clear. Then we continued to give him some applesauce while she listened to his throat with her stethescope. Then slowly we started to hear his congestion come back. We then switched to breasfeeding, where after 5 minutes of that he sounded like he just smoked a pack.Ahhhhhh….

She feels almost certainly that he is aspirating.  Gasp. So we had to cancel Thursday’s appt with the hearing and vision and we now go back down to the city for a swallow study. I am praising God for answers finally, Praising God he never got pneumonia, praising God that we are in the right place with the right physicians and that we can start to see a future without Grady sounding so awfully congested.

Oh those screeching tires, that was the breast-feeding bus coming to a crashing halt this thursday. I can already imagine a grieving post for that one soon.  How Ironic? given my last post photos. God has a plan for this, he will reveal himself through this trial and with that I am sure. I love it. Jeremiah 29:11. Whatchya Got for us God? I’m ready.


6 thoughts on “Detour. of course.

  1. Jennie says:

    Oh, Erin. I’m sorry for the grief you believe you are going to face on Thursday. But you are so right… if he IS aspirating, he (and you) are so blessed that he hasn’t gotten pneumonia (or worse). And how wonderful that you have been able to breastfeed your little man for so long. Praying…

  2. Scott says:

    “Adventure” is the exact word I used in my “Full Circle” post. I am praying for you and Grady that exactly the right things will be found so that the right course can be followed. And Praise God that he didn’t get pnuemonia!! And remember that no matter how crazy things may feel at times, if you just keep holding on to God’s hand, he will leed you where you need to be.

  3. aprilnarretto says:

    Erin I know this will not be news you want to hear but thankfully everything has been ok and he hasnt gotten sick.Just think how blessed you are to be able to nurse for as long as you did, I know this doesn’t make it better but as least you both had the chance. I had to stop nursing william after 10 mos. b/c he was biting me like I could not believe (so bad I would cry) and it was very hard to do. Prayers going up for you girl

  4. annie says:

    He is such a doll! I will be praying for him as you do the swallow study. Thank you for all the comments about Ollie! She is a joy! She also has started nursing some…woohoo! Speaking of that your nursing photos were gorgeous!!

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