Prayer Requests:: Sweet Photos

The Awesome Photos featured in this post were taken by Jaime K Reed Photography. Jaime is a dear friend of mine who was willing to help me capture breast-feeding photos last week, while I am not posting the very personal photos for privacy reasons, I can share with you some of the tender moments captured. I am forever grateful to Jaime and her awesome talent. I am also so glad I went outside my comfort zone to capture these memories I will have forever…I so wish I could just spill them all.)

This week is going to be an adventure.  I like adventures especially if I get to do it with all my boys…. we love to do everything together. We even think food shopping is enjoyable if we are together and that usually happens 99.9% of the time. So weeks like these where we have 5 Dr. Appt’s on top of 5 therapy sessions we have one word. Adventure. I’m just happy to be with them. Cheesy, possibly….Blessed …absolutely.

Monday-  Colombia-Presbyterian Hospital Visit in NYC….We visit the Speech Therapist for our pre-swallow study consult at 11am, then at 1:30 we have an appointment with the Physical Therapist who specializes in Upper Respiratory therapy. We hope to gain better knowledge and new therapy methods to help break up the fluid in Grady’s upper Lungs found on x-ray. While we are in NYC we have a few important errands to run. All really good stuff. (more to come on that hopefully). Next week we follow up back in Colombia with the  ped. pulmonologist!  Whew.

Tuesday-  Grady get his blood drawn to check his thyroid level, last time it was tetering on the higher side of normal, and also we will have his white blood cells counted for the first time.

Thursday- A day in Westchester, NY where we go to have Grady’s 1 year follow up Hearing Test and then that afternoon we go for Grady’s 1 year Eye exam where he will be fitted for his glasses!!

It’s going to be a long week! If you feel led to send a few prayers up for Grady and all his important meetings please do…. Next week we have our Annual Early Intervention Meeting! woop woop!




4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests:: Sweet Photos

  1. Pat Kobylensky says:

    These pictures are priceless!
    You have a full plate, Erin! You and your precious family will continue to be in our prayers! …and, I love your hair like this! 😉

  2. Lara Font says:

    gorgeous pictures, what a great idea to have them taken!!! I understand the marathon of appts, we will be praying here for you both!!! Adventure/marathon, God give us the strength to endure and give us your peace during these appts! XO

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