Cake Time & Celebration Photos!

Crazy and Surreal that it has been a year. Yes,  I am still saying that. I probably will again too!

Opting out of the big party & gift idea we went for just “us” theme this year….to stay true to our fundraising and awareness efforts for Simon. It was perfect.

We made home-made party hats and decorations, had a blast making him a little “son” cake, even if he never ventured to put it in his mouth but instead mushed it all around in true 1 year birthday fashion.

Thank you everyone who sent Grady Birthday wishes, or birthday blogged, the Simon Donations, phone calls and love don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. The beauty in his first year is just as  much  you.

Grady’s friends …who have been there to hold him, hug him and be his advocate.  You are his villagers.









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