Dear Simon, Love Grady

This is my Sad Face.

Dear Simon,

I first heard my mommy  talking about you a few months ago…actually  the day she discovered you, she picked me up and squeezed me so hard. I didn’t understand just why she was holding me so tight, or why tears fell off her eyes onto my head or why over and over again she told me how much she loved me.  While, I enjoyed all the affection, I knew something was up.  When I heard my Daddy get home from work that night,  mommy had daddy come to the computer right away. That is when she showed him the videos and then your pictures and to top it off your birthdate.

Then Daddy scooped me off the floor and again, I got squeezed really tightly (a little tighter than mommy’s squeeze) and just about a hundred kisses.  It was in that moment, that is when I knew, my mommy and daddy loved you too. So for my first birthday we are raising money for your adoption fund. I hope someday when you come to the United States we can play and my mommy can hold you.

Maybe, just maybe we can see each other on our 2nd birthday? wouldn’t that be awesome!

Last night my mommy and daddy kept talking about the mountains that would need to be moved in order to bring you home to our house (oh wait, that’s the problem, we need a house first). It is about 99% not going to happen, but they and exploring and praying over that 1%. I wonder if I can get a praying therapist so I can learn to help them with the praying too?

I’m usually on my mom’s lap, when she is checking in on your adoption fund…. and it’s about 12 more days till my birthday  and I’m hoping just as much as my parents that your fund raises, so my Birthday Wish can come true!

Love ya Bro,




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10 thoughts on “Dear Simon, Love Grady

  1. Naomi Rice says:

    Hi Erin,
    My name is Naomi and i am Patti Rice’s daughter-in-law (she blogs for her daughter Lily on “A Perfect Lily”). I just read about your adoption process today and I am so excited and happy for you. My husband and I are trying to adopt also as I found out that I couldn’t have children when I was 17. We really want to adopt through the state and so now we are doing foster care. We currently have a 10 month old and a 2 year old. It is a hard way to go as I know we will eventually lose them back to their home. But just wanted to let you know your photography is beautiful and i love your blog!
    Sincerely, Naomi

  2. Julie says:

    Dear Grady,
    As Simon’s “warrior,” I want to let you know that we will NOT stop fundraising until his fund is FULL. I have very little money of my own, but I have a few ideas and a lot of prayers and the faith that we will get even MORE money in there over the next few months. I know a lot of really nice, really loving people who have given money – some literally their last dollar – to Simon since our fundraiser began, and we have already managed to more than double what was in there to begin with. So hold tight, little man, your mama and daddy might be able to get you another brother real soon.
    Love, Julie
    ps, your sad face made me smile. 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    I know I’ve already commented on this post…but I had it open tonight to show hubby Grady’s picture. I left it open on one of my tabs and couldn’t help going back to it many times!! It makes me smile!!

  4. Cole says:

    Oh Erin! Congrats to you on adopting?! Did I read that right? My goodness that sad face on Grady is tooooo precious! Abby has a similar little lower lip/ bird perch that warms our hearts and lets her get away with tooooo much!

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