Captured: Unexpected Snow Day Joy

Day 2 of being snowed/iced in. Today was a little better than yesterday in terms of semi-successful mothering.  We had extremely healthy and yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast, made an awesome blanket fort before 10 am & not to mention one of my kids got out of their pajamas before it’s time for new pajamas at bedtime.  Nice.


As I was sitting at my computer, doing what I often do best (praying about that)… blurbing/morphing into my computer, oops I meant checking my email and such, I looked over and found this below. Then, Mason popped his little (supposed to be napping self) out of his room for yet another unexpected candid suprise. I love capturing these spontaneous moments in our life.

Don't know what was sweeter this photo or my breakfast on this snow day?

clearly Daddy and Grady where making too much noise and woke mason up from his nap 🙂 So out pops Mason!

Mason, Go back to your room, back to sleep!!!!! ...and then comes the classic face!...

* side note…Edited all my photos today with Florabella’s Luxe II Action Sets. They Rock!


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