11 Months in 2011

Today Grady turned 11 months.

Where has the time gone? Again, I am in shock that in just one month we will be lighting his first birthday candles.

Grady’s smiling and happiness is just a tad out of control these days. Β He may not be falling in the “advanced” or typical ranges with all his recent Early Intervention evaluations, but

if anyone who meets our Grady evaluated his personality I could tell you this. He is Love all day long. Β He smiles with his whole face utilizing every muscle effortlessly. He loves people and faces and is always eager to experience someone new. I am in awe of his temperment and carefree personality. Β It is clear to us now, that Grady has his own agenda and is on his own timing. (much like his mamma). I am today as I was the day he was born, ready for the ride. (Top-down of course)

In his 11 month in the year 2011, we are gearing up for something. Something BIG.





6 thoughts on “11 Months in 2011

  1. Kimberley Adams says:

    Oh, trust me it only gets better….just when you think you couldn’t love any more….Grady will show you just how exponential love is….oh, yes….it will be a ride!!!! And a magical one at that!!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    Erin- he is absolutely perfect!!! there is something very comforting in his eyes! and his smile is contagious. every time i see a picture of him and his huge smile, i cannot help but smile! God bless you & your family.

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