Team Ski: Jiggin’ in 2011

We have big dreams for Team Ski Fishing Crew someday!  Our first 2011 family ice-fishing outing was a complete bust, no fish at all 😦 … It was a total off day, we had about 4 holes out, a few jig rods, grub worms….and not even a bite. …But that’s ok, I finally got to get outside and snap a few pictures in the sunlight with the boys. Mason LOVES to fish and I’m hoping Grady will too!

Grady’s 1st time out with Team Ski Spring 2010 (re-visit)








One thought on “Team Ski: Jiggin’ in 2011

  1. Melissa says:

    I hope your next fishing trip is more successful!

    I love your pictures, on this one and on the play date. Aren’t playdates awesome? I’m still hoping to get Claire and Grady together some day…

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