Please Don’t be Mad at me Grady!

Dear Grady,

Daddy told me not to do it, but I’m a rebel sometimes. (you will be too someday if your anything like me). He told me not to put you in leggings or leg warmers because your his boy. Daddy forgot that you are still my baby boy too! Don’t worry G$ I never put you in rocking horse outfits or rainbow polyester overalls.   Just some “Beggings”…don’t you know they are all the rage! Maybe its the movie flashdance that get’s me so darn excited over leg warmers, I just can’t put my finger on it. I once permed my hair to get the flash dance effect, but it went flat…. I attempted to dance like the movie but my rythm failed me… but I got the outfit down. You see I wear them too, they give an extra pep in my step in a nice pair of boots!

But you my son, look adorable in the ones your Great Oma knitted.  Oh and those little claw feet slippers, they came from our friend Jill, she knew you’d look adorable in them! She was right! Opa got that onesie from his fishing trip to Alaska a few years ago. And your Oma quilted that peace sign blanket I always put you on.  Your just covered in Love and Warmth (thanks to those leg warmers)!

So Grady Grades don’t be mad at mommy someday! I’ll keep Daddy away from this post for now…

I promise you…you look adorable in this outfit!




7 thoughts on “Please Don’t be Mad at me Grady!

  1. Calla's Grandma says:

    First time posting to your site (although I am a steady lurker!), but I just had to say that those leggings are SO CUTE–and look plenty “rugged” for a little boy!

    I SO enjoy your blog! My first granddaughter was born almost a year ago to my daughter & her hubby; her name is Calla Grace, and she has Ds. She’s doing great, and the whole family is head-over-heals in love w/ her, of course! (I also have 3 grandsons–8, 5, 3–from my son & his wie.) My daughter & I love reading & seeing pics of your Mason & Grady!!!

  2. Erin says:

    I love them all, especially the quilt! You have some very talented people around you! Grady looks adorable as usual. Still looks like a little boy especially with the claw feet 😉

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