More Alike than Different: Brothers (photo)

I’ve had a few friends, family and followers ask me what Mason looked like when he was Grady’s Age, then I took this picture today of Grady and couldn’t help but see Mason in him sooo much! The picture of Mason is around 8.5 months, this equals up to how Grady is growing he is about 2 months behind his brother right now.

Maybe it’s because I am their mom, but I think they absolutley look like brothers and look a lot alike!

my cuties!







5 thoughts on “More Alike than Different: Brothers (photo)

  1. Kimberley Adams says:

    Oh, that is so cute!!!! What are the chances of getting a picture where they are doing the same thing. As much as I tried I couldn’t, but then my photo’s don’t even come close to looking as wonderful as the ones you take. They are beautiful Erin…hugs to them both for me. We love you and your boys, all of them, that includes you Paul!!!! All the best and a very Merry Christmas to you all. With love,Kim, Matthew and Judy

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