Tree Time :: Double Digits

Grady is 10 months old today…double digits and only two short months from a full year!  Time is flying by far to quickly for me, most days I just wish we could just slow it all down. I am hoping the month of January will be just like that. We are planning a little get away with the family to our “home of the heart” North Carolina. I took a whole month off from my photography duties to just focus on my family. It will be a little familial experiment for me. I am in the midst of re-adjusting priorities, restructuring my photography business, and evaluating all things fruitful vs. unfruitful within my own life. I am sure there will be more posts to come about that.  I am on the edge of my seat for the next two months with Grady. The progress I see coming, the sweet firsts and Rejoicing in the true meaning of this Christmas with him. Christ.

The Ski’s are having a smaller Christmas this year in the sense of the world. Smaller tree, Smaller gifts. Mason being all that is age 3 is amazed at everything Christmas, its hard to focus him on the reason for the season. We let him have fun with all of it, we let him be little….all the while implementing some  New traditions, including a Birthday Cake for Jesus and asking Mason to give one toy that he received away for donation.  I have honestly sang Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer a million times in the car and Santa Claus is coming to town a million and one times (yes all solo performances without background music, usually in my best operesque voice! screech)… I just hope he realizes this Christmas Mommyeoke is done come Sunday!

Here our pictures from our Tree Shopping this last weekend with Oma and Opa! We had fun, mostly because Mason is just sooo into it this year!


3 thoughts on “Tree Time :: Double Digits

  1. erika says:

    I love the birthday cake for Jesus! The pastor at our church was talking about a family he knows that go all out for Christmas, but with Happy Birthday banners for Jesus and birthday cake. Makes sense.
    I began to blog today but didn’t make it far.. but I one thing I wanted to mention is how important it is to teach our kids about the real meaning of CHRISTmas. Merry Christmas to you guys! And I hope you make Jesus birthday a day to remember!

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