“Out in the fields…”:Update

The Sweat Test for Cystic Fibrosis… came back 100% negative! Praise Him! …

After we got the actual test done, I had this image of me standing before God’s mighty Sky with my arms open wide. Still. Ready. Humble.

In full submission to accept unanswered prayers. He has before revealed to me that he will never give me more than I can handle. Reminder.

I bottled up my lingering fears and casted those that got away to the Lord.  Until I got the call that he did not have CF, I picked little Grady up and cried in relief.  I can breathe again.

Thank you for your prayers, we felt covered and believe that the speedy results and outcome was powered by prayer and our Almighty.

While putting Mason to bed last night, We read this out of his prayer book, I LOVE IT!

The little cares that fretted me,

I lost them yesterday.

Among the fields, above the sea,

Among the winds at play,

Among the lowing herds,

The rustling of the trees,

Among the singing of the birds,

The humming of the bees.

The foolish fears of what might pass,

I cast them away,

Among the clover-scented grass,

Among the new-mown hay,

Among the hushing of the corn

Where the drowsy poppies nod,

Where ill thoughts die and good are born—

Out in the fields with God.

by : Louise Imogen Guoiney

Mason’s 3rd Birthday Post Next…


9 thoughts on ““Out in the fields…”:Update

  1. Kayla says:

    Amazing news. I prayed(and rebuked every word about CF from the doctor’s mouth) the night before Grady’s test and the very next day while sitting at a stop light…at the end of my prayer, I had an overwhelming feeling that Grady’s test would come back negative and I didn’t need to pray for “and if it does come back positive…” Nope. God refused to even let me think it would come back positive. God is soooo good.

    Love the prayer. 🙂

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