From Potty to Hunting… In that Order


Mason at 13 months.

Oh, was I ever so progressive and excited when 13 month old Mason sat on his first mini-potty. Yes, I was that mom, eager, hopeful, excited and oh yeah (clueless). Mason, my first child amazed me with going #2 the first try, how cute?! hahahaha…what a Sap I was….I was always pushing it with him, testing his limits, and moving forward. Unfortantley he didn’t accept  the challenge. We sat him down after the “potty fad” wore off and told him when he learns to go Potty like daddy he can go Deer hunting like Daddy…So we gave him his first hunting magazines and he watched Deer Season after Deer season come and go…and decided to just let it happen. Ok, as age 3 is drawing near and other kids his age have their big boy’s on, I was starting to worry, and dread “potty training”…

He still reads them and sleeps with them!!


Last Monday, he decided all on his own, without asking, coaxing, begging or bribing, that he no longer wanted to wear a diaper, and he would now go on the potty. Just two weeks shy of his 3rd Birthday, my stubborn little mini-me made a big boy decision. I didn’t have to spend countless hours with big sticker boards and fancy books, nor did I have to wave chocolate across his face to exude excitement at the prospect. Nope, Praise the Lord, all on his own and in his own timing, he did it! We only had one accident all week and not once has he peed his bed at night! It’s kind of a miracle in present day. Wooohoo…

So that could only mean one thing, the time has come, to venture off into the woods with Daddy to go Hunting, years of Turkey hunter, Deer Trail and Bass Pro shops catalogs has come down to this one day…My first Hunt with Dad.

My Sweet, Sweet First Born… you need to be very quiet next time, you scared all the Deer away. But, Dad told me you had a blast checking it all out.




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