Health Update & 9 Month Pics

Yes, 9 months already! I can’t believe it. At 9 Months Grady is getting stronger and prop sitting for a few seconds, he is still exclusivley breastfed but solids are in our near future.

We have been dealing with some interesting & concerning congestion, respitory, pooling, coughing issues for 4 months now. So recently I went to the Pediatric Pulmonologist, they are ordering a swallow study to see if he is aspirating, a chest xray to get a closer look, and possibly a sweat test to rule out some other stuff. (stuff being CF) crazy I know!  Thank you for all who have been praying for wisdom for the doctors and patience for mommy and Grady’s health, we feel covered. Thank you.

We are sticking with his meds prescribed this time, as he is going on Prevacid tablet twice a day and Pulmicort breathing treatment ( a low dosage steroid) to calm the inflammation. I’m sticking to it and through it to see if we actually see some results. This is a challenge for me for some reason, hmmm….

Our Bible Study on thursday nights has nicknamed Grady “The Percolator” …as he gurgles and percolates the whole time. Sweet baby boy. Other than that he is a happy and content baby, sleeping and eating like a champ. I have big plans to announce this week as a little project we have going on with him, Check back to hear more this week. In the mean time, here are some 9 month pictures of my beautiful baby boy.


11 thoughts on “Health Update & 9 Month Pics

  1. sheena Greene says:

    Erin, He is getting so big and is growing more and more GORGEOUS every day!! I am so in love with him and I will keep you all in my prayers!! Sorry, I’ve been MIA lately! My house has been super busy and my energy is starting to kick back in!! =D

  2. jodi says:

    9 months…WOW…..He looks so much like his big bro in these pics.. those thighs… love them…favorite pic of him ever….grady in a basket<3

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Erin, I found your blog from The Bump’s special needs blog poll, and I have loved reading your posts. I had tears in my eyes as I read about your husband’s testimony and the work that the Lord is doing in your lives.

    And, Grady is SO CUTE! I love the picture of him in the basket.

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