The Burly and the Cute!

Hunting  Season is  upon us, and with it comes a very hairy husband who is channeling his inner “all that is man” persona. Well done, hunny.  Sad to say the only one who has enjoyed this extra bit of burliness is Grady. He loves it, he snuggles to it and it has been a sensory overload for him as well. Who knew the beard would be thearputic for our littlest one.

Anyone who has been around me in the last few weeks has heard my gripes about this bearded lumberjack who has stolen my husband. Luckily after this little photo-op he traded in his Old Testament Look for his sleeker well shaven Military High and Tight and smooth face just in time for Veterans Day!   Just the way I like it 🙂


My Beautiful Mason, swimming in the shower...where all it takes is a half an inch of water to make his world go round!


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