Parkin’ It…Napin’, Proppin’ & swingin’

Yes, if you happen to drive by our local park two days ago you would have found Grady peacefully napping on a blanket.

It looked a bit odd to passerby’s who did double takes, He is such an adaptable napper…why not?

So as Grady Napped and soaked up the Vitamin D…

Mason and I tackled the slides and had some Q-time.


Grady started Prop sitting too this last week, THIS IS HUGE!!! Just as I started to feel a nudge of frustration, he did it.

He can do it for a minimal time so it is hard to capture  a picture but I am so proud of him.

I LOVE IT!!!!!


Lastly, Grady LOVED the swing. Unlike his big brother at this age, Grady couldn’t get enough of it.

Neither could I. I was so excited to see him enjoy it as he did.

Grady Update:

At 8 months 1 week:

Grady can Prop sit for a short amount of time before his arms collapse, but we are so proud of that time and celebrate like it’s 1999.

Yes so we see the delay in development now, but guess what? HE WILL SIT  one of these days, until then I am enjoying his every success.

We went to the doctor today to get another re-check on his coughing and congestion issue.  It’s been months and months of coughing. This doctor seems to think that it is not ashthmatic but congestions related, so no breathing treatmennts needed. They put us on an antibiotic and we will be going to a pediatric pulmonogist in a few weeks.

We have dabbled in Solid foods, but nothing consistent. His belly has gotten upset the few times we have tried. He is strictly breastfeeding, and when I have pumped and offered a bottle he now refuses. He loves the boob. I love it too. No rush or worries here.

We are increasing Speech Therapy to two times a week, and he continues to get Physical therapy twice and special instruction once.  After the holidays we are going to be aiming for three times a week for PT, twice a week for Special Instruction and Speech three times. GOOOOO New York State, don’t fail me now.

Lastly, Grady is sleeping through the night, not much of a consistent napper but I am not complaining. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen. Somedays I scratch my head in amazement.


10 thoughts on “Parkin’ It…Napin’, Proppin’ & swingin’

  1. Ilisa Ailts says:

    My husband asks “who doesn’t?” I wish Calvin did, but I think we’re getting there…I’m talking about the boob part! Okay, keep the news coming. I love your blog and your family is doing so well. Grady is just so lovable and yes, who really cares when he does what (I know this is a battle but it’s the overall consensus) Take care!

  2. nicolE says:

    Hi you guys,

    So glad to hear everyone is doing well. What beautiful pictures. Think of you guys often and love the updates.


  3. Melissa says:

    I don’t know if my favorite pictures are of him sleeping on the blanket or swinging! I love to see him prop sitting and he WILL be sitting tall before you know it!! Rejoice in all his accomplishments!

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