Confession: Challenge Fail

We are in the midst of our two week “staycation”. Paul and I made a decision a few weeks ago to forgoe our usual yearly trip to North Carolina to focus on some other things here at home such as financial peace. God really laid it on our hearts to make this big decision and it has been quite  liberating to say the least. As much as I longed to visit my people in NC, I was sure that God would fill that void.  A few days after cancelling our trip our Pastor asked us to give our marriage testimony at Church. We did that this past weekend in front of 1200 people in 4 services, (I will write more about that later) but let’s just say… vulnerability for God’s purpose can be an abundant blessing.  Actually up until a month or so ago, I didn’t even realize that we had a testimony worth sharing until spilling it all out at our small group. God has really fully Transformed my husband, our marriage and renewed my faith in the last year. God is really Good and so is blowing the stink off your dirty laundry for God’s Glory.

I will give a Grady update this week! He has a lot going on these days…

on another note…

I have a hard time blogging about “DS stuff” everyday, maybe because I’m more complicated than I like to think. I like to stew over my posts for days, I like to write with a prayerful heart and be reflective. So this challenge is rough. Maybe I am in over my head, so perhaps I will just blog as I am lead to instead of everyday.  If this blog is to be somewhat of a reflection our life with Down Syndrome then blogging about it everyday isn’t particularly consistent with my thought process.  Challenge Fail. Will you forgive me?


8 thoughts on “Confession: Challenge Fail

  1. Leah says:

    You don’t have to blog about DS every day for the challenge, just BLOG every day! Hopefully, our lives are more than just DS, so we’re able to blog about more than just DS. If you ARE able to blog about some awareness related item every day, then more power to you, but nobody expects you to.

  2. Melissa says:

    I don’t know that I’ll make it everyday either. Luckily (I guess) the procrastinator in me is winning lately and I’ve put off some posts, so at least I have those to carry me through.

  3. Pat Kobylensky says:

    Follow your heart, Erin!
    Your testimony at church was so inspiring. You changed lives, I can assure you of that.
    Hope to see you Sunday! I’m heading west on Monday!
    God Bless you,

  4. P says:

    You blog honestly not forced. DS is not a drama every day. Yes, you can find a topic or a statistic or what not but having anything to say that day is DS stuff cause your life is impacted by DS. So you are blogging around DS topics every day you say anything!

    Try a link to an old post every day if you jump back in but it’s not a fail–cause we can read them ourselves!! You win before even starting.

  5. Susan says:

    I love your blog. Give yourself time. Just post a picture and one sentence or Scripture. Day by day you will be learning about DS. I have been parenting for 32 years, 22 of those years have been with children that have DS. We have 6 kids, 3 with down syndrome. The stories pour out of me because of all the years I have invested. This will happen to you too. I am inspired by the fact you are blogging and sharing what you are learning. God bless you. Susan

  6. Tracy says:

    Oh Erin! I’m with you on that fail!!! So…I’m going to watch my baby signing times videos every day during October! If I master any of them (Ha! That’s a laugh!) before October is over, I will move on to trying sign sentences!

  7. Alessandra (Alex) says:

    Hi Erin, Love your blog and what GOD has done in your life, I meet you at the DS BBQ, I’m the Mom of Jonathan (my special baby). God has done incredible things in our life too, he gave US Jonathan with a purpose…to save my marriage and make us believe and trust on HIM!!!!! A year latter we become to understand so many things we didn’t before!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!

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