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Day: 2 of 31 for 21

I took some time the other day to capture a bunch of photos of all my boys together,  I plan on sharing each of them over the course of the next few posts. When I look at this one, I see our Son Grady looking at his Daddy… eager to learn from him, eager to love him and listen. Grady you are completely growing into a little boy already, the world is yours to explore. This photo by far is one of my new favorites of them. They say a picture can speak a thousands words, I believe this one does just that.

Side note: I am so grateful that this new ONLINE BOOK was launched this week, it will walk a new mom with a Down Syndrome pregnancy diagnosis through all the true and real emotions, the good and the bad. I so wish I had this when I was pregnant! I am so grateful for the group of women that worked so hard to put it together. I support it and promote it 100%.


3 thoughts on “Reflections & Website

  1. susan says:

    I love your precious blog. We have 6 children, 3 grown and on their own, 3 with down syndrome living at home. We too are Christians. God’s grace is awesome. You have a wonderful journey ahead. I promise it will never be dull. Come visit my blog sometime to see what it is like to have teens and a young adult with down syndrome.

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