Will you?

Do you remember when you were little and you huddled over the grass with squinting eyes, scanning and scanning for that one four leaf clover. In a sea of three’s your eyes grazed desperately hoping to get that lucky piece of green. Hours would pass and as much as you wanted to give up, you just had to have it. Then the moment came, you found it, you found the different one.

Will you…raise your children up to embrace something that is a bit different? Will you…lay the foundation now but setting an example of unconditional love?

Will you…use an opportunity like searching for a four leaf clover Β to teach your children that God created all things uniquely in a different way to be embraced.

Will you …love one another like Jesus loved us?

When I think about Grady, when we pray for Grady, we also pray for others who will come in contact with him. We pray for their parents and their will to teach their children about acceptance and love.

I was truly inspired this week by this awesome story of community support and celebration when Ike, scored a touchdown. I can’t help but imagine our Grady scoring one someday! Check it out below!

A story that embraces this concept. Love it.


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