Your Villagers: Buddy Walk 2010

For a moment in the middle of NYC’s very own Central Park in a surreal moment,I stepped outside my life. And in that brief moment It was as if I was looking down  from the outside looking in and watching from a distance. I picked up on all the people, their motions, their words, their smiles, laughter and their Rad Team Ski shirts. …It was a beautiful sight. Absolutely beautiful.

And when I jumped back in to reality, I became flooded with emotions, gratitute and  love for all our friends and family, old and new that came out to support our Son, Grady. Along with the generous people that donated, or loved on our Grady near and far since he was born, Team Ski members just the same… Are all shining examples that we are not alone.

Team Ski members were a part of the Villagers I blogged about before. They are just a portion of the wonderful people God has sent into our life.  Coming off this weekend we feel blessed, encouraged, thankful and in awe. Awe, of all that God can do in one extra chromosome. We raised $2,400+ dollars and counting, exceeding our $2,000 dollar goal.

It’s been less than a year since our pre-natal diagnosis, less than a year since Grady arrived…but it’s been a lifetime of God’s abundant blessings upon us. Life today is nothing like life a year ago. Life today is the polar opposite of life two years ago( I will explain more soon).  God continues to shape us and continues to unveil his plan before us, and we are so willing to follow as he takes our hand.


8 thoughts on “Your Villagers: Buddy Walk 2010

  1. Aunt Jess says:

    Sobbing watching that video! I really wish I could have been there! It looks like it was a spectacular success! Keep doing everything you do sweetie, you are doing it right! XOX

  2. jodi says:

    My family and I had such a great time….We are already looking foward to next year. Dee is wearing her Buddy walk shirt to school tomorrow. I loved the video. Thanks so much for inviting us and letting us share in such an important day in Grady’s life… xoxoxoxox The Scott Family

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