TEAM SKI: Buddy Walk Update

There Ya have It! We are gearing up for our 1st Buddy Walk this Saturday in Central Park. So far we have over 40 friend and family walking with us. We have raised 1700 dollars, (300 hundred short of our goal) …and hopefully through it all we have been spreading that extra chromosome love to all who have come in contact with our fundraising efforts.  We have some sweet T-shirts that we had made for the Walk.

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: I looked it at this Logo a few ways, strength in the amount of people who are coming out to walk and how our Family & Friends have gotten so much strength in an extra Chromosome, Sported by yours truly, Grady Wayne.

THE NUMBER 21: Since Grady has three copies of the 21st Chromosomes, we thought this would be the perfect number! … I had fun designing the Shirts!

HELP US REACH OUR GOAL! (No Pressure) We are forever grateful for any donation small or large that goes to the NDSS in honor of Grady and all his buddies with an extra chromosome!

Pass on our LINK if you wish, only three days left. Thank you again to all my faithful readers and joyful givers!


5 thoughts on “TEAM SKI: Buddy Walk Update

  1. aprilnarretto says:

    love the shirts!! I had thought about doing something like this too. We love LSU and I was thinking about a#21for our “team” then “geaux” William’s Walkers

    Great minds think alike haha
    (maybe be scary for you)

  2. Elissa says:

    We are Abbie’s Army and our slogan is “Be Strong; T21 Strong”. I LOVE your shirts!! Grady is SO stinkin’ cute too. Good luck on the walk!!

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