Gator Wrastlin’: Grady’s 7 Month Milestone

Just In case you didn’t know, this child of mine is one heck of a Gator Wrastler’ … Of course with this talent mastered we can check just another goal of our IFSP for 2010. We like to keep things realistic when it comes to 7 month milestones, and throwing down a few elbows with your neighborhood Gator is just one of them.

(Sidenote: we have taken to the History Channel’s “Swamp People”… Grady would make them proud & no gators were hurt during photoshoot today)

"But you See Gator, I may have low muscle tone, but that won't stop me from Grady Rolling you around this floor"

"you see, Gator we have only been dueling for a few minutes and already I'm getting a taste of you"

"Now, I'm gonna eat you for dinner"


10 thoughts on “Gator Wrastlin’: Grady’s 7 Month Milestone

  1. Whitney Melton says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with these pictures! Grady is such a beautiful boy! Did you take these photos yourself? I’m going to share this on my fb page…it’s just too tooooooo good!

    Keep the blogs coming πŸ™‚
    Whitney Melton

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