Grady International!

Just wanted to give a side note post about a picture I took  of Grady  is being featured in BABY Magazine of the Philippines. Somehow one of the editor’s ran across my blog and chose Grady’s picture to be the feature picture on an article they were doing on Down Syndrome Early Intervention in their September Issue. I got a chance to read the PDF version of the article and approved it to include Grady’s Photo  (<—-)! So how cool is that?  They will be sending me a copy of the magazine when it comes out! Oh- and Alongside the photo I had it courtesy of my Blog, hopefully this way anyone who wants can link up to my persnal perspective on Down Syndrome not just the magazine’s!

My little Grady man is going International… so flattered! Never in a million years would I have imagined what doors would open. Goooo Grady!

More Pictures from the Post she Grabbed the Picture from!


7 thoughts on “Grady International!

  1. Elissa says:

    I saw your post about this on Babycenter. I am so glad it is legit and your precious Grady will be featured. I don’t know you or him personally, but I just love both of y’all through your blog. Does Grady need a groupie now that he is a big international star? My Abbie can be his first “Grady Girl”. 🙂

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